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TV Rundown: Week of March 20 | 'Vikings' Sets Sail, 'Bates Motel' Honeymoons

Vikings: Season 4. Episode 6 - What Might Have Been
You can boil this entire episode down to a single scene towards the end as Ragnar (Travis Fimmel), high on drugs, looks out into the distance to see his old life literally staring back at him. It was a vision where departed loved ones and deceased relationships were alive again. As a reminder of everything that has changed for its leads since the show began, it was a deeply affecting scene, quiet and serene with a mystical gleam that caught the eye without blinding it.

It is often in these quiet moments that Fimmel does his finest work as Ragnar and here was no exception. Without saying a word, he said it all in a medley of expressions that veered from the joy at recognizing what was and the ache at knowing it would never be again. There have been many moving scenes throughout the course of “Vikings” 4 seasons and this was another top drawer entry into the pantheon.

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Eclectic Pop News: 1 Podcast Guest Spot, 2 #RKC Related Announcements & more

The Lost Cause Podcast
Co-hosted by Drew Koenig (@thedrewkoenig) and Amanda Williams (@Amandimation), the recently formed Lost Cause Podcast focuses on “television and pop culture discussion” per their Twitter bio. In January, I had the pleasure of guesting on their third episode, which recapped the “Lost” episode “Walkabout” and saluted the best in 2015 film and television.