Let's Discuss: The Movies Only You Know About

We’ve all been there. You have a movie that you are very excited about. A movie that you were so blown away by and then comes the awkward moment. The scrambling look in their eyes, the nebulous silence that fills the air and then the inevitable point where you start mentioning the actors that are in this crazy amazing movie, “who?” they’ll reply back. Then you shrink back, time for a new topic. Well not here. Not today on Eclectic Pop.

For me this experience is a common occurrence. Last year, I was apparently one of the few people who saw "John Carter"; a movie that was quite fantastic. Almost everyone I talked to had never heard about it, a massive disappointment to Disney ad executives everywhere.

If you start talking about foreign films, you are a goner before you have even had a chance to say anything else, a sad but true fact. So now is your chance to share your experiences. What movies have you had this happen with? 

[Featured Image by Disney]