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Eclectic Pop

Eclectic Pop was founded in 2013 by freelance writer Britt Lawrence. Eclectic Pop was created in the interest of shining a positive light on the movies, music, and television that are rarely given the attention they deserve. Through the years, Eclectic Pop has exhaustively covered A+E’s underrated series “Bates Motel” and The CW’s “Reign,” among other TV gems.


Britt is an average 30-something who either has a movie, TV show or song, on her mind. She is a freelance writer and entertainment enthusiast with an “eclectic” taste in “pop” culture. When she is not writing content for Eclectic Pop, she is working on her freelance writing career. As a freelancer, Britt has worked as a Contributing TV News Writer at CinemaBlend from March 2018 until November 2020.

Before that, she was a contributing writer at the Inquisitr. While there, she covered entertainment news and penned features on popular series such as “Game of Thrones,” “Poldark,” and “The OA,” among others. She has previously contributed her voice to the entertainment sites: We Got This Covered and Hidden Remote.

When Britt is not writing or taking in a TV show, listening to music, or watching movies, she is enthralled with competitive figure skating.


Why is the site called Eclectic Pop?

The name sums up Eclectic Pop’s aim, which offers to provide an “eclectic” emphasis on “pop” culture.

What does Eclectic Pop cover?

Eclectic Pop’s coverage spans movies, music, and television. In 2016, Eclectic Pop’s music section shifted its main musical focus towards film and TV soundtracks. A flourish, which ties together and compliments the other themes of the site.

Is Eclectic Pop accepting music submissions?

Not at this time.

What is 'Writing About:'?

The ’Writing About:’ feature includes links and insight into recent articles Britt has contributed to other sites. This feature hopes to connect Eclectic Pop’s core readers to the other things Britt is “writing” on different platforms.

Is Britt available to freelance?

Yes. If you are interested in Britt contributing to your site as a freelance writer, just fill out the form on Eclectic Pops contact page, and she will be in touch. 

Will Eclectic Pop publish my article?

While any interest is appreciated, Eclectic Pop does not accept submissions from outside contributors as it is Britt's personal blog, which she solely authors. 

Why are certain posts featured on the home page's featured carousel?

The posts featured in the slider are usually comprised of recently published features. Or posts that have had a revitalized life based on recent buzz. For instance, if a movie is released on DVD or Netflix, the review is put back in the featured rotation due to its refreshed relevance.

Where can I find Eclectic Pop on social media?

Flipboard Profile: @EclecticPop
and Eclectic Pop Magazine

Where can I check out Britt's professional profiles?




If you have more questions, feel free to ask them by leaving a comment below, using Eclectic Pop’s contact form or tweeting them @EclecticPop.