Song of the Day: 'Heaven' by O.A.R.

O.A.R. (Of a Revolution) released this pop-rock single back in October and it has seemingly fell through the cracks. This is another living life anthem. O.A.R. has struggled to find another hit after the success of ‘Shattered (Turn the Car Around)’ and after hearing ‘Heaven’ for the first time; you would think this would their next one.

Sounding like a cross between OneRepublic and Train, this song finds the soulful touch that those artists know how to access so well. There is an inspirational choir that helps round out the sound of the grand proclamations that anchor it. Featuring a crazy infectious hook ‘Heaven’ will have you wanting to re-listen repeatedly and yet it doesn’t stay stuck in your head afterwards.

This song differentiates itself from Train’s recent outings, in that it can be put under the scrutiny of repeat listens. In a music culture that saw the repeat button abused past the point of no return with Train’s comeback song ‘Hey, Soul Sister’, it’s hard to believe that Top 40 radio wasn’t willing to take a gamble with ‘Heaven’ when it could’ve seen longer lasting air play potential.

The biggest compliment I could pay this song is that it really inspired me to look back into their music archive and find some other tracks. O.A.R. has found a little slice of Heaven with this one.

Special thanks to @KNIXBrooke for introducing me to this song.