Song of the Day: 'Baby Lee' by Teenage Fanclub

“Baby Lee” is off of the album Shadows from Teenage Fanclub. Okay, so the first time that I heard this song, I was overcome with emotion. I still don’t completely know why. I do know that is a very rare occasion. Something in the song just spoke to me. It is so tender and kind. It’s gentle melody and hushed vocals are beyond mellowing, it’s comforting, and hypnotic. This song comes over you like a warm blanket.

Its proclamations don’t rely on reinforcing its message with a heavy base or bombastic instrumentation. It’s a simply little love song, so sweet and pure that it jars you because it is unlike most of the songs you get an opportunity to hear. The style of “Baby Lee” is a send-up to the old-style music of the 60’s.

For younger listeners it may sound completely foreign and to more seasoned listeners it will probably sound reminiscent of the Everly Brother’s “All I Have to Do Is Dream” and The Drifter’s “This Magic Moment”. The homage is heartfelt and the song sparkles with a magical production quality. The lyrics tell of someone who is acknowledging the bewitching charms of his lover and in the process Teenage Fanclub enchants us as well.

On another note, thoughts and prayers go out to Boston.