Song of the Day: 'We Are Golden' by Mika

Mika's “We Are Golden” is the perfect pick-me-up song. This song came out a couple of years ago and it quickly became one of my favorites. Mika provides incredible vocals, so free and distinctive that he captivates every emotion of youth for this anthem.

He gets a helping hand from the Andrae Crouch Gospel Choir and they add a really special touch to the song, they aren’t singing to sound perfect, they are singing to be heard. Their British accents peaking through make it clear they are living the song with a certain abandon and having fun doing it.

He has released a few mixes of this song, the best, in my opinion, are the album version and the acoustic. As pulsing as the album version is, the acoustic version features a certain breezy cool to it. It helps you focus on the lyrics and the deeper meaning of the song a little more. Mika hasn’t blown up in the states the way he deserves to.

His album The Boy Who Knew Too Much (the album this song is off of) is a must listen as it is infectiously energetic. Every track brimming with eternal optimism, no one could listen to a Mika song and feel worse about their day, he is a truly unique talent and this song proves it.