Song of the Day: 'Good Hearted Man' by Tift Merritt

Tift Merritt’s “Good Hearted Man” plays like a heavenly slice of dreaminess. It tells the story of a gentleman who sweeps a woman off of her feet in spite of her having given up on her potential to be loved by a man long-term. It is a throwback to the fairytales of old without any dragon slaying. She is a woman content and not in search of an epic love when it finds her in the least expected way.

This song speaks to the little gestures in life that make someone, a potential suitor, truly stand out among a sea of saddened faces and hopeless frustration. As most women are constantly reminded in today’s culture, we are allegedly an enigma that perplexes the masculine soul, so we have been asked (or rather begged) to either lower our expectations or wait for something worthwhile to take a chance, a potential long haul in terms of a waiting period, I would cast a vote for the latter.

As music, movies and books have tried for ages to describe what it is we, women, truly need at the end of the day, this song sums it up. We want to be loved, nurtured (to an extent) and fought for. The protagonist in this song gives this man every reason to walk away, she’s upfront about her perceived shortcomings and yet he stays. He wins a battle that is far more ferocious than any fire-breathing dragon; he wins the battle against a woman’s plaguing self-doubt.

Merritt’s raspy voice perfectly captures the warm atmosphere she projects musically. If you are fortunate music can move you emotionally and if you’re really lucky it can transcend your current mood and transport you to a different locale all together. “Good Hearted Man” can easily take you to the summer air of a downtown area that is brimming with the energy of its residents.

It should also be noted that it is reminiscent of the legendary Van Morrison’s work, in its instrumentation and soulful lyrics. Morrison’s “Crazy Love” being one of the most romantic songs I’ve heard, “Good Hearted Man” would fit perfectly either before or after it on your playlist, two great songs by two great artists.