Song of the Day: 'No One's Gonna Love You' by Band of Horses

Funny story, I heard this song for the first time in the Banana Republic and had to track it down through a lyric search. It's a good example of how great music is surrounding us all the time. 

Band of Horses' “No One’s Gonna Love You" is from their second album Cease to Begin. It features wonderful guitar riffs, ethereal vocals and piercing romantic sentiments. For those wondering how a song called “No One’s Gonna Love You” could be romantic, the lyrics actually continue into ‘No one’s gonna love you/more than I do”.

As the relationship described in the song is falling apart the laments of its tattered remains are eloquently described by the singer (Ben Bridwell) as he encourages them to keep it together. It is one thing to make grand pronouncements when everything is going well and that can seem very romantic at the time. Declarations whilst fighting for a relationship when things aren’t as pretty is when it really counts though.

That is something this song captures so beautifully. There is a passionate argument being waged, and it is tinged with longing, the sense that something is falling through his fingers. Something he can see she will regret down the line, and in spite of her contemplating the end of their union, he still loves her.

It would be interesting to know the significance of the lyric “We are the ever-living ghost of what once was” and later “You are the ever-living ghost of what once was”. Why the transition from “we” to “you”? It’s also worthy of note that Cease to Begin has as its first track, “Is There a Ghost” so the theme of ghosts are prevalent on this album, and the possible significance behind it, is intriguing.

As we know the definition of a ghost is something that was once alive and is no longer in that same condition, caught between two worlds, not present and not yet past. This song describes a relationship that was once vibrant and is now in danger of transitioning between the land of the living and the great beyond.  

I’ve read many different interpretations of the song and many people have different views, something that is very insightful about music , and important because we can all hear the same song and all have millions of different interpretations of what it intended to say.

One thing I can hope is that you are going to love this song as much as I do and if you have already heard it, you probably do.


  1. Yeah, I took it to be that a relationship is ending. As much as I hope that I'm wrong, over time, I've become quite skeptical about romantic relationships, so at first it was sweet that he was assuring her that he loved her more than it was possible for anyone else to, but I can also look at it as a 'threat' disguised as love. Sort of saying 'if you leave, you won't get anyone better'. I hope I'm wrong on that, but definitely think, on the surface, it seems romantic, but if you think more deeply about it, it's a break up song and someone making a desperate attempt to hold things together. Someone they should have warned you? Possibly an abusive relationship? Anyway you think of it, while it sounds beautiful and heart wrenching, I don't think it makes for an appropriate wedding song. I still love it though!


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