Kismet Ryding - Look.See.Don't.Trip (EP Review)

Kismet Ryding is a British band based out of Grimsby and is composed of Mike Freeman, Josh Humphreys, Tom Humphreys and Jazz White. Their new EP is just as, if not more, energetically frenzied than any band on the planet which is a very good thing. They bring a rollicking energy and groove that are about to push rock music to another level. The guitar riffs are frenetic genius and the hooks sensational.

Their new EP, "Look.See.Don't.Trip" is filled to the brim with their self-described blend of “energetic psychedelic garage rock” beginning with the rousingly saucy “Last Night Stains”. The EP maintains a steady energy throughout and second track “Coming Up” continues the motif delivering some funk filled beats. Third track “Good Good Way” has an amazing feel to it, the perfect driving song. You can practically feel the breeze through the windows.  

 Fourth track “Most Famous”, has a driving rhythm and is an electric guitar delicacy. Fifth track “Look See Don’t TRIP” keeps the high octane energy flowing. The sixth and final track on the EP “Hope and Glory” simmers before sizzling into a creation that produces a dash of bluesy wonder.

Kismet Ryding demonstrates a penchant for various genres of music, escaping the typecasting of any specific genre. They have created an organic fusion blend of the best attributes from many areas of music. Non-genre specificity is the future of music and Kismet Ryding is wise enough to be seizing on it.

This EP has grit complimented with enormous soul and the band displays the equal amount of extraordinary swagger that all legendary rock stars possess, The Rolling Stones easily spring to mind. There is no question that they have the skill to jettison to the height of stardom. After hearing their first EP it is obvious this is the first step in that inevitable journey.

Be sure to also check out their debut single “Hangin’”. Kismet Ryding’s EP will be released on August 26th and is available for pre-order on their website 
You can follow them on Twitter @KismetRyding to learn all of the latest about the band.