Eclectic Pop Spotlight on Battfest 2013

Battfest is both a virtual event and an independent music festival, that was founded by Sam Batt and has went from a festival that featured 14 acts when it began in 2011, to 22 acts in 2012 and even more this year. Her brain child is a landmark move that is an international opportunity for music fans from all around the world to be able to enjoy the music of truly talented artists.

This is an exciting time for music artists. In the burgeoning landscape of social media, the ability to have new music at your fingertips by pressing a button is bringing emerging talent closer to being discovered than ever before.

It no longer requires a billion dollar record label for an artist’s music, whether they be rising or not, to be heard. Battfest provides such a platform for these artists. Not to mention the ability to metaphysically join hands with the rest of the world as it witnesses such an event is an incredible thing.

I asked founder Sam Batt on twitter what she would like people to know about Battfest and she said this.
“Aug 9th-11th, u can view free online on Battfest's site or on Battfest's Facebook page. The lineup [is] awesome, loads of genres bringing indie media together to do it - works by reciprocal promo, all the artists, radio stations help grow each other. Last 2 yrs it was in my garden but this year we've got a field & crack team of tech whizzes. [A] huge global media collaboration.”
You have to respect Batt; she has grown an idea that was planted in a garden and grown it into a global event for social media. She is making a difference in the world of music. Battfest commences today (August 9) and goes through the 11th.

You can follow all of the twitter action of Battfest by following:
Plus Battfest artists:

You can use the hashtag #Battfest to keep tabs on all of the developments on twitter. To view all of the artists and read the latest news you can visit


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