Matt Bednarsky: Fragments & Glimpses (Album Review)

Fragments and Glimpses  is an acoustic album from musician Matt Bednarsky. Not a lot of artists can pull off the simplicity of using a single instrument to record an album. Bednarsky manages to do just that, using only a guitar and his voice to create Fragments and Glimpses. For Bednarsky it is a risk that pays off, with this approach he lets the guitar melodies he produces and the lyrics that adorn them, speak for themselves and speak they do.

On the first track off of the album, “This Is What I Do” Bednarsky proclaims his pride in being a musician and with this track he perfectly sets up an album that says what it wants to with no apologies, demonstrating a real swagger. He manages to cover all of the essentials themes. There are songs about romance, life and relationships gone wrong.

“Peace with My Own Portion”, “Good Life” and “Simple Man” are life anthems; songs of hope, self-discovery and realizations. “I’ll Find a Reason” is similarly bent with the addition of serving as a confessional of sorts about the insecurities plaguing a relationship.

“Waiting”, “What I Wouldn’t Give to Be with You”, and “But If I Let You In” are romantic soliloquies with “Waiting” capturing the regrets of a proverbial ship that might’ve sailed. “But If I Let You In” has one of my favorite lyrics off the album, ‘who would’ve thought with captivity/freedom is found’. 

“Clouds in the Sky (Too Nice)” brings a sunny charm and effervescent optimism. “Rewrite the Story” is mournful, a melancholy resignation to the state of a failing relationship. “Nobody Cares” offers observational insights and he serves up a quirky reminder that few people are as concerned about your pratfalls than you are.

“Life Goes On” is a follow-up to the sentiment expressed in “Rewrite the Story” and the lyrics have never been richer or more poignant than on this track.  

Bednarsky demonstrates with this album, a real knack for plucky guitar playing and a deft use for words as a songwriter. This isn’t a “fragment” or “glimpse” into what Bednarsky has to present as a musician, it is a grand introduction.

To listen to the album you can log on to Noise Trade and download it. To keep up with all the latest, you can also follow him on twitter @MattCB273