Song of the Day: 'Roar' by Katy Perry

Rarely do I feel motivated or compelled to cover pop music in the “Song of the Day” section. The reason its being featured is because "Roar" is one of those rare exceptions, a pop song that actually left me awestruck. Katy Perry has been a figure in the pop genre for some time now and has established herself as the zany girl with neon colored hair, lying in a cloud of cotton candy for her album covers.

All indications point to her leaving those days behind. She has said that her new album “Prism” will be a step in a different direction and ladies and gentlemen, she truly delivers with “Roar”, the debut single off of her upcoming album has heart and a true message.

For years, I have enjoyed her music, all the while never being completely taken with one song, until now. Her career to this point has been composed of niche songs that have a boutique appeal. Here she delivers the song that fans have been waiting to hear from her since the beginning of her career.

The glimmer heard in “Part of Me” has been fully cultivated and realized, producing the song she has been poised to create this entire time.  It possess everything, a catchy hook, inspiring lyrics and an outrageous repeat factor, that will have this single sitting on top of the charts for some time to come.

“Roar” carries a torch of energy that burns throughout its entire duration without ever extinguishing. Even after it’s over, the embers burn bright in the soul it has just left invigorated. It is a true anthem.

Perry sings of being a “champion” and while others have proclaimed similarly, her saying so, doesn’t come across as the braggadocios musings of an ego-centric narcissist. Instead, it is the empowering affirmation of a woman who has dusted herself off, proclaiming that she has not only survived but thrived through the hard times, a right she has earned. 

For some reason, this song is far more inspirational than “Firework”. It is actually hearing Perry re-affirm her own personal value that brings about the inspiration for those listening. This is already being labeled a “girl anthem” and that is misleading. Just because a girl sings it, doesn’t make it “I Am Woman” part 2. Perry isn’t excluding anyone with this song.

This is an anthem for everyone and it speaks to a universal experience. Everyone (most everyone) has had a person or persons in their orbit that has attempted to shove them down and make them feel less than, in some capacity. For anyone who has felt that way, this is your song, your anthem. Perry is urging you to not just get back up. She’s urging you to reclaim your life and “roar” back. Mission accomplished.