The Accord: Tomorrow Might (Album Review)

'Tomorrow Might' is the new album from UK band, The Accord. This is a rare album given the current musical landscape. Filled with blossoming instrumentation, the rhythms are filled with the soft quality of ocean waves and the steady drive of self-reflection. This is an actual band that performs with instruments. There is even a horn section!

I had a feeling that this band would be stupendous based off of the album title alone, ‘Tomorrow Night’ sounds like ‘Tomorrow Night’ and you have to love little nuances like that. Plus, “might” is a word filled with possibilities and as we know tomorrow is often filled with them.

As the album begins, the sounds of nature are accompanied by the soft chirping of birds giving way to the beautiful melody of a cello with the title track “Tomorrow Might” Part 1, before melting into Part 2. 

Throughout the album there is a blend of serenity and musical swells reminiscent of the ocean tide, rolling in and out. You can meditate with this album, its ambient without ever being intrusive or grating. The songs take their time with one track lasting almost 9 minutes.

It is so refreshing to have songs that aren’t rushed into meeting a “radio edit” timeline. The Accord demonstrates the stamina to carry the quality of the songs for an extended period of time. The lyrics are profound when uttered and with a reverence that makes their quiet vocalization even more philosophical.

“Mariella in Petrol Blue”, “Sacajawea” and “Transponder” all meld together quite nicely with a heavier electric guitar theme pulsing throughout each of them. “Traveling” has a tremendous jam session that will have your heart pumping and as that song leaves you on a adrenalin fueled high, “Drive Away” will lead you into a steady calm of breezily excessive pleasure.

“Forever” features the earlier discussed horn section. The horns have become an extinct instrument amongst current music, which is a shame because as exemplified in this amazing song it provides a uniquely alluring sound.

“She Is” and “Theta Sea” rev us up once more, guiding us to the final track and end of this magnificent slice of music, “Tomorrow Might Part 3”, the quintessential finale to an eloquent album. The Accord is a band to watch, this album proves it.

Special Thanks to Dave Hubbard who runs The Online Festival (, he turned me on to this amazing band and music lovers everywhere will forever be in his debt. You can follow him @daveyhub where he will keep you apprised of the hottest rising talents from all over the world. You can also follow the band, The Accord @Theaccorduk and band member Rob Bywater @Rob_Bywater.


  1. What a great write up of what is so far my album of the year. You have done a great job in describing the songs off the album and thanks for the little mention. It always feels like job done when we get some praise for a new bands music.



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