The Cornerstones: Stand In Line (Album Review)

The Cornerstones will transport you to the golden era of music with their latest album, “Stand In Line”. The album is a culmination of a time where music mattered. The Cornerstones successfully hearken to the touchstones of music’s most prolific moments; with “Stand In Line” you will find the philosophical aspects of the 60’s, the defiance of the 70’s, the bravado of the 80’s and the evolutionary reflection of the 90’s.

Another sensational facet of this album; is its seamless blending of various genres. As a heavily rock influenced album, it is one of the best in a long time. The Cornerstones capture what makes rock music an enduring genre, seizing upon its origins as “rock-n-roll”.

They proficiently build the foundation of each song with contemplative lyrics acting as the rock. While, the rhythmic and infectious beats give the album its “roll”.

“Drag Me Down” begins with a mellow subtext before the wave of the chorus swells with an infectious passion. It’s the perfect introductory taste of what this album has to offer, rock with major soul. “My Mind” has a rollicking vibe that’s punchy chord progression provides an inviting catchiness.

Title track “Stand In Line” has a charging spirit that takes on an anthem quality that proves momentous in terms, of inspiration. The vocals emit a grave undertone while, the beat gives it the uplifting feel of a musical kaleidoscope. 

“Ground” has a decidedly old-school, rock feel. All the while possessing a melodious surrender, that is inescapably twisty. It’s a haunting ballad, one you’ll be re-listening to often, so you can be sure you’ve understood its meaning. “Erased” draws you into the undeniable warmth of folk by beginning with the intrinsic harmonica, an instrument that is put to excellent use here.

A meditative ballad that is soul stirring, “I won’t be erased, I won’t be afraid” is the lyrical mantra that coils around the heart of this perfect piece. “End of Everything” is a slice of psychedelic fuzz rock, a time warp to the soothing sounds of late 60’s, 70’s rock.

“Trouble” comes onto the scene with upbeat defiance, a groovy guitar backing up the energy. The harmonica makes a triumphant come back with “Try to Hide”, a tender introspection that speaks about a broken relationship that’s tattered ruins are scrutinized along with the cause, there are some backing vocals that provide a lovely echo.

“Smack Me in the Face” is a quintessentially sublime, glittery power ballad that’s rich instrumentals include the gentle jingle of the tambourine. “More Than Toxic” features ethereally faded vocals that compliment a hazy storm of emotion. 

“Did It Again” has a grunge-rock eclecticism that succeeds in pushing new boundaries with a thrumming pulse that spearheads its sound.  “This Is How It Ends” closes out the album with the bold flair of definitive rock. It’s the perfect end to a flawless album.

The repeatability of this album (I’ve listened to it in its entirety, over 10 times) makes it a standout. Forged in the afterglow of the era when The Beatles, The Rolling Stones and Pink Floyd were on the throne of rock music, The Cornerstones prove that great music like theirs hasn’t ended by giving life to its next frontier.

"Stand In Line" is available for Pre-Order for £4.99 until Nov. 4th and £7.99 after then. It is also available on i Tunes