Delta Rae: Chasing Twisters (EP Review)

Delta Rae returns with their new EP 'Chasing Twisters', a magnificent addition to their music catalog that picks up, right where they left off. After blazing onto the music scene with their debut album ‘Carry the Fire’, they show no signs of slowing down with their latest, exhilaratingly frenzied offer.

Delta Rae demonstrate the exceptional talent of music veterans that know the sound they want to create and create it they do, with reckless abandon and fevered passion. A seamless blend of folk, country, blues, current and 70’s era rock with a tinge of pop appeal, thrown in for good measure. They are a powder-keg of talent, bound to explode into the stratosphere.

The first track, the titular “Chasing Twisters”, begins with a southwestern flair before sonically transcending into a scenic, guitar driven power ballad; exuberant with attitude to spare, this a well-built, vessel of stormy emotion. “Run” is upbeat, a jubilant pleasure trove, that takes a gentle sojourn before bursting into a high-octane sound.

Next, is a new rendition of the band's successful single “If I Loved You” from ‘Carry the Fire’, featuring Fleetwood Mac's Lindsey Buckingham and it rivals the original. They have stripped down some of the elements from the original, while upping the grandeur with a rich choir and complimenting group claps, which adds to the sound immensely.

It is a huge risk to overhaul a song that was so perfect the first time around. In this rare instance it more than paid off. The modifications are luxurious without being overproduced. The same can be said about the updated version of “Dance in the Graveyards”, the melody has been enriched with grandeur instrumentation and the harmonies are lavishly striking.

Closing out the EP is “I Will Never Die” which carries itself with a soulful brooding; an atmosphere of frenetic energy permeates the smoky sound of this bluesy retreat. This, like their other music, carries out a theatrical vision that harkens to the golden era of 70’s hard rock. Delta Rae has a strong hold on their definitive sound and it isn’t any more apparent than on this track. 

Having seen them perform live, it is abundantly clear that they can take their talent all of the way. They have raw vocal skill that puts them on another plane, possessing the unusual power to carry an audience places with their lively energy and sophisticated stage presence. Listeners are lucky to be along for the ride.