Song of the Week: 'You Fill My Heart' by Jason Walker

Ever since stumbling onto this song on YouTube, it has dominated my playlist. Jason Walker gives listeners a wondrous 3 minutes 40 seconds that spares no instrumental expense with its grand piano melody working as its centerpiece, which effectively packs the sentimental punch at the heart of this soul stirring ballad.

From the outset of its opening keys, there is something utterly captivating about “You Fill My Heart”. Having listened to this song countless times, it has never gotten old or tiring, possessing an extraordinary and unique repeatability factor.

It has always been a personal musical philosophy that good music makes you listen and great music makes it difficult to ever stop. Accomplishing that without the annoying after effect of having a tune stuck in your head is a spectacular feat and it is something this song accomplishes in spades.

What composes this song’s enchanting quality are the musical nuances discovered throughout each listen. Lyrically the song is impenetrable, straightforward in the meaning its title suggests, a love declaration. All the while, offering something euphorically poignant in a passionate blaze that never oversteps its sugar value. This is a tough fence to walk and yet the song does so with ease.

The musical refrain in the latter portion, works as its delectable candy center, an element that plays a central role in its recurring dynamic. Walker’s emotive vocal performance only adds fuel to the fire. “You Fill My Heart” fills a musical concave with uplifting enthusiasm, it is a must-listen.