Song of the Week: 'Spinning Globe' by Slaughter Beach

Slaughter Beach Band
This heady dose of melodic splendor comes from the Denmark based band, Slaughter Beach. Wrapped in the fervor of a melodic haze, “Spinning Globe” captures an emotional reticence that is raw and tenaciously palatable. There is a deliriously modern feel to it that presents with a stunning theatrical sensibility. Throughout, it conjures vivid imagery that evokes the perfect soundtrack for an indie or television drama.

The reason being, that a song playing in the pivotal moments of a drama, must illuminate the visuals and “Spinning Globe” possesses that ability. It says something that can’t be expressed in the strictly physical realm. Its distinctive flavoring and instrumental structure, conjures emotional relativity that is intensely, ear catching. 

Upon first listening, it brought to mind, the image of an ignited sparkler in slow motion. Burning brightly with a quiet passion that is tenderly robust; a gradual burn that is enticingly poignant. “Spinning Globe” runs in beautiful circles that feel infinite, as if it could never end.

When it does reach its conclusion, it melts into a vista of sentient escape. What it says and leaves in its wake is intoxicatingly brilliant, a haunting venture into existentialism. A trio producing a song of this caliber on the outset of their career venture can only point to one notion. They’re going places. 

You can listen to "Spinning Globes" here.