Song of the Week: 'I've Got You Covered' by Sugar + the Hi-Lows

Sugar + the Hi-Lows' breathy retro opus is ear candy pleasure, beyond belief, a delicate wisp of romance that is intoxicatingly heartfelt and dreamy. Off of their 2012 self-titled debut album, “I’ve Got You Covered” is a husky soliloquy that basks in a sweet melodious reverie which, is further enriched with the vocal performance of Trent Dabbs and Amy Stroup.

Their voices intertwining with beautiful symmetry that accentuates every divine lyric they perform. Everything about this song is a serving of serene excellence. Its lyricism delves into the tender conversation of a consoling paramour, offering their unwavering support.

The song begins with a gentle count in, complete with drum claps, adding a charming ornamentation. Lyrically, the song is elevated by its intense description of undying devotion in its most simplistic and native form.

The lyrics, “Those eyes keep talkin'/I hear every word they say” demonstrates the thoughtful observation of a bewitched individual. It presents a depth of sincere caring and concern, only a truly lovestruck soul would be capable of expressing. The luxurious instrumentation is enchantingly invoked as it gradually crescendos into a luminous orchestration of whirlwind proportions. 

The old-school feel of this and Sugar + the Hi-Lows’ work, never comes across as an imitation of the past, it transports listens via a time warp to music that genuinely sounds like it came from that era. Whimsically crafted and sublimely performed, Sugar + the Hi-Lows have listeners covered with this phenomenal song. You can listen here.