Best New Movie Bets: March 28 | 'Noah', 'Sabotage' & more

"Noah" starring Russell Crowe

Darren Aronofsky is back with his first film since the Oscar winning “Black Swan”. This time he’s tackling a greater lightning rod than the cutthroat underworld of ballet dancers, the Biblical story of Noah. The film has been falsely advertised as a Biblical epic which it is not even close to being.

Aronofsky is no stranger to depicting spirituality on film as he wrote and directed the breathtaking “The Fountain” which was a meditation on life and death, set against the backdrop of the Tree of Life. As with that film and all other Aronofsky creations, this movie is intense and thematically dark. It would be strongly advised that kids steer clear of it.

The behind the camera information that might be interesting to note is that “Noah” reunites Jennifer Connelly with Aronofsky for the first time since he directed her in “Requiem for a Dream”. Meanwhile, rising star Logan Lerman has a multiple co-star reunion having starred with Connelly in “Stuck in Love”, Russell Crowe in “3:10 to Yuma” and Emma Watson in “The Perks of Being a Wallflower”. The controversy poised to envelop “Noah” could very well flood any of these trivial tidbits though.


Arnold Schwarzenegger’s return to the big screen has seen its share of struggles. First there were the underwhelming results of “The Last Stand” and then “Escape Plan” both performing to less than stellar box office and equal quality. The once outstanding blockbuster action hero is experiencing a difficult period in his career and the set-up for “Sabotage” does not necessarily bode well as a comeback to his already established comeback.

The plotline is 90’s era formalism in its most basic form. The story: a team of DEA agents begin dropping like flies after they rip off a drug cartel. Despite the generic plot, it is directed by David Ayer who's last effort was the beyond brilliant "End of Watch", an indication of promise.

So why see “Sabotage”? “True Blood” star Joe Manganiello finally getting his close-up alongside “Lost” alum Josh Holloway. Both of these stupendous actors have been stuck playing bit or supporting roles in movies where they could’ve owned the lead. Seeing a glimmer of what they have to offer is worth at least giving “Sabotage” a try.

"Breathe In" starring Guy Pearce

British actress Felicity Jones reteams with her “Like Crazy” director Drake Doremus for this tale of familial intrigue. Jones plays a foreign exchange student who comes to stay with a family in the suburbs of New York. Her stay quickly starts to unravel and test certain dynamics within the family, especially the ties that relate to the family patriarch. Just as “Like Crazy” explored the physical and emotional ties of a relationship, “Breathe In” looks to explore the repercussions of emotional intimacy and vulnerability with a person outside of the family nucleus.

Jones is a remarkable actress, who has been readying for her big Hollywood break for a while now. With effecting performances in “Chalet Girl” and the indie “Albatross”, she manages to shine when the story is at its most reserved. The restrained technique of Doremus is a good fit for her and starring opposite Guy Pearce can only further her talents.

"The Raid 2"

The follow-up to cult hit “The Raid: Redemption”, returns with star Iko Uwais. The sequel picks up a relatively short time since the original. This time around Rama’s (Uwais) mission is to go undercover, finishing off thugs and ending the corruption within the police force.

Since its release in 2011, the original has set the world of cult film on fire as one of the most name-checked, foreign-language action films in recent memory. For fans, living up to its predecessor will be a difficult feat. It’s covering a lot of ground though with over 4,000 votes tallied it currently holds an (8.8/10) rating on IMDB’s user rating.

"Bad Words"

When an adult (Jason Bateman) discovers a loophole in the rules of a juvenile spelling bee, he decides to take his second chance at winning the title. The plotline is uniquely hilarious and tailor made for the straight-man style of Bateman.

Add in an adorable kid and you have the recipe for something potentially heartfelt with some jovial moments of comedy. The trailer definitely sold some of the film’s best bits. Here’s hoping it didn’t give them all away.

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