Best New Movie Bets: May 2 | 'Amazing Spider-Man 2' & 'Protector 2'

"The Amazing Spider-Man 2"

Director Mark Webb spins another spidey flick and the effects look dazzling. Just as with the original, the glossy graphics appear to be hitting all of the right notes. At least visually, it bares all of the hallmarks of an engrossing endeavor. The drawback to expectations is in the miscasting that plagued the first installment.

There will be a transfusion of new blood coming in this sequel. Along with newly introduced characters to the Spider-Man franchise, Electro (Jamie Foxx) and Rhino (Paul Giamatti), the sequel offers a reprisal of previously incarnated roles. Webb’s “Spider-Man” vision and Sam Raimi’s, will once again, prominently intersect as The Osborns are introduced.

Rising talent Dane DeHaan will be taking on the role of Harry, while Chris Cooper will be taking over the role of Osborn senior. DeHaan has been on the forecast of rising thespians for some time now, after he garnered major attention for his 2012 roles in the indie “The Place Beyond the Pines” and surprise box-office hit, “Chronicle”.

The most jarring change that Webb has made for this vision of Harry is that he is being conceptualized as a hipster/emo hybrid. These differentials should keep the film from being a clone of an adaption that is still so fresh in viewer consciousness. Whether, it stands out as an improvement, only viewership holds the answer. Read Eclectic Pop's Full Review by clicking here

"The Protector 2" starring Tony Jaa

The sequel to one of the most impressive action flicks in decades; finally arrives. Original star Tony Jaa reprises role as elephant protector Kham, who must confront poachers and the like, for stealing his beloved elephant. The original film was stupendously shot and excelled with an exhilarating performance by Jaa, a hand-to-hand combatant extraordinaire.

There are a lot of expectations to live up to for the sequel, as the original, featured a highly memorable action sequence that has to rate up there as one of the most entertaining of all-time. Jaa hasn’t become the big name he deserves to be in the west.

 However, if this follow-up maintains the quality of its predecessor, there is a huge chance he will at least garner, the critical attention and viewer buzz, he deserves. His combat skills are spectacular and the physical exertion the fight choreography gives him a chance to display is thrilling to watch. If “The Protector 2” gives just a sliver of the action content the original contained, viewers are in for a martial arts delicacy.

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