Best New Movie Bets: June 20 | 'The Rover' Starring Guy Pearce

Best New Bet: "The Rover"

Set after a cataclysmic event leaves the world without power, "The Rover" finds a man (Guy Pearce) fighting for his one worldly possession after it is stolen by a gang. Caught in the crossfire during the struggle is the brother (Robert Pattinson) of one of the members who joins Pearce’s Eric in getting back what’s his. Another dystopian film amidst the recent mass of similar films seems a bit repetitious however, there is always a chance that the latest entry in the genre might be the new standard bearer.

The film re-teams Pearce with his “Animal Kingdom” director David Michod. That film earned rave reviews and garnered an Oscar nomination for Jackie Weaver. Pearce, an exceptional thespian can carry any film he is vested with, his versatility making it possible for him to sustain even the weariest of scripts.

Based off the early reviews from Cannes, it seems he has a lot to work with in "The Rover". All of this said, Robert Pattinson has yet to personally impress in a performance and going up against a titan such as Pearce, is a mighty gamble. Given Pattinson's role is a crucial one; it could be the piece that causes the narrative structure to implode. One should never underestimate the power of Pearce though. He always brings out the best in his his co-stars.

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