Best New Movie Bet: July 4 | Melissa McCarthy's 'Tammy'

Best New Bet: "Tammy"

The critics may be ravaging Melissa McCarthy’s but one should never count out Hollywood’s leading funny lady. Her latest film centers on the eponymous Tammy, having suffered several personal setbacks, heading on a road trip with her grandmother (Susan Sarandon). Right there we have an obvious problem. Why is Susan Sarandon playing her grandmother, instead of her mother? The age difference is not there. Nonetheless, Sarandon and McCarthy might be able to spark up enough buddy chemistry to light up the movie.

Behind the scenes, “Tammy” is a family affair for McCarthy. Her husband Ben Falcone is directing and he co-wrote the screenplay with her. This isn’t the first time McCarthy has gone into the weekend box office as an underdog. Last year’s buddy spectacular, “The Heat” proved to be a surprise hit at the box office and it had faced similar disregard from critics. Personally, McCarthy is one of those talents you could watch read the phonebook and it would be compelling. [Updated: July 5th in regard to box office]

Also Opening: “Deliver Us from Evil” is the latest from horror director Scott Derrickson. Starring Eric Bana and Edgar Ramirez (star of the upcoming “Point Break” remake), the film tells the story of a police detective (Bana) who teams up with a priest (Ramirez) to combat a plague of possessions. For the kids, there’s “Earth to Echo” a family-friendly endeavor about a group of friends who find an alien and join forces to help him get home.

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