Best New Movie Bets: Aug. 28 | 'November Man' & more!

Best New Movie Bet: “The November Man”

Pierce Brosnan stars as a former CIA operative who must face off against his former protégé (Luke Bracey) during a mission. Seeing Brosnan back in a high octane action thriller should be fun though he’s worth watching in any genre capacity. The studio has already shown considerable faith in the film’s prognosis stating that a sequel is already in the works. With any luck this will be Brosnan’s answer to “Taken” instead of the equivalent to Aaron Eckhart’s ill-fated “Erased”.

Starring as Brosnan’s nemesis is Luke Bracey and if that name doesn’t sound familiar now, it will in the coming months. Bracey has come out of relatively nowhere, scoring a starring role in Nicholas Spark’s latest weeper “The Best of Me” and as the lead in the upcoming remake of “Point Break” playing Johnny Utah, better known as the Keanu Reeves role in the cult favorite. Standing toe to toe with Brosnan is an intimidating prospect and it will provide a good test of Bracey’s skills right off the bat.

Also Opening: “As Above, So Below” is the latest installment in the found footage genre. It centers on a scary discovery made beneath the streets of Paris.

Opening in Limited Release: “Life of Crime” is an adaptation of Elmore Leonard’s novel “The Switch”. Jennifer Aniston stars as a housewife who is kidnapped by a group of ex-cons for ransom. When her wealthy husband (Tim Robbins) refuses to pay the money because he already wanted her gone, things take a turn. This is a dark comedy that sounds tonally reminiscent of “Fargo”. An exceptional cast that includes John Hawkes makes this a movie of exceptional interest.

Also opening is the sci-fi drama "The Congress" starring Robin Wright and Harvey Keitel, World War II drama "The Notebook" and "Cantinflas", a biopic focused on the life of late actor Mario Mareno (played by Oscar Jaenada). "Last Weekend" stars Patricia Clarkson as a matriarch who assembles her family for a vacation to the family lake house.

Lastly, there is "Starred Up" starring Jack O'Connell who headlines the highly anticipated biopic "Unbroken", out later this year. In "Starred Up" O'Connell stars as a violent adolescent who goes to prison and meets his father when he gets inside.

Alternative Viewing: If you can’t make it to “The November Man” check out Pierce Brosnan in the underrated comedic caper “After the Sunset” co-starring Woody Harrelson and Selma Hayek, the indie dramedy “The Matador” co-starring Greg Kinnear or the superb thriller “Shattered” co-starring Gerard Butler and Maria Bello.