Top 5 Unconventional Christmas Movies

#1 Kiss Kiss Bang Bang 

Robert Downey Jr. and Val Kilmer star in “Kiss Kiss Bang Bang,” a dazzling pulp neo-noir set during a Christmas in Los Angeles. Downey Jr. is in top form as Harry Lockhart, a thief pretending to be an actor, who becomes embroiled in a murder mystery alongside a private eye (Kilmer) and an aspiring actress (Michelle Monaghan).

Shane Black’s sleek direction and sharp screenplay perfectly compliment the fast-talking confidence and alluring screen persona of Downey Jr., while also bringing something remarkable out of Val Kilmer, who delivers a career-best performance as Perry.

Setting “Kiss Kiss Bang Bang” apart is the magnificent buddy chemistry Val Kilmer and Robert Downey Jr. forge as two very different characters who emphatically synchronize in their collaboration. If you are looking for a cool Christmas movie, this is just the ticket.

#2 Die Hard

One of the most iconic action films of the 80’s stars Bruce Willis as John McClane, an NYPD officer fighting on Christmas Eve to save his wife and other hostages from the clutches of a terrorist (Alan Rickman). There have been a total of five “Die Hard” movies, and the original still remains the best of the bunch.

It is also one of the best actioners of all time, and that’s because it features all of the key ingredients; a smart-aleck hero, a deliciously deranged villain, and a likable damsel in distress. The original “Die Hard's” most defining attribute is the exceptional villainy produced by Alan Rickman’s marvelous performance.

John McTiernan’s riveting direction never makes “Die Hard” feel claustrophobic and a crucial performance from “Family Matters” star Reginald VelJohnson perfectly rounds out an outstandingly entertaining thriller.

#3 The Long Kiss Goodnight 

Director Renny Harlin’s follow up to the box office disaster “Cutthroat Island.” delivers merriment of action-packed pleasure and a fantastically kick-ass female lead. In “Long Kiss Goodnight,” Geena Davis plays an amnesiac mom working as a schoolteacher in a small town, who is confronted with her deadly past when her daughter is abducted by armed assailants.

Starting to regain her memory, she teams up with a determined private investigator (Samuel L. Jackson), and the two set off on a mission to bring her daughter home and settle the score with her former employers. What a ride!

“Long Kiss Goodnight” is a fun action-adventure that is further propelled by Geena Davis and Samuel L. Jackson’s seamless teamwork and chemistry as a screen duo. As with the aforementioned “Kiss Kiss Bang Bang,” Shane Black’s script offers a clever spin on Christmas and mysterious intrigue.

#4 Just Friends

Ryan Reynolds stars as a successful Hollywood music producer who is forced to return to his hometown for Christmas in “Just Friends.” Chris left home years earlier, after a humiliating ordeal that included the rejection of his dream girl/best friend in high school.

Since then, Chris (Ryan Reynolds) has undergone a significant makeover both physically and personality-wise. Now an outgoing cad, the once nerdy Chris returns determined to win the affections of his beloved Jamie (a wonderfully cast Amy Smart).

“Just Friends” is a relatable tale that wears its heart on its sleeve, embracing rom-com canon with a clever enough variance to feel unique. Reynolds’ comedic turn powers the movie with an affable charm that is irresistibly infectious. Meanwhile, a stand out soundtrack featuring the guilty pleasure classic “I Swear” from All-For-One puts a sweetly nostalgic, sonic punctuation mark on the satisfying comedy.

#5 Edward Scissorhands

It is not until the climax of Tim Burton’s crown jewel that Christmas comes into play, and when it does, it is in an especially pivotal way. “Edward Scissorhands's” memorable yuletide denouement is a haunting conclusion to one of cinema’s most off-the-wall and heartfelt stories.

A whimsical saga with a gothic touch, it conveys a bevy of morals, from acceptance and compassion to the meaning of family. “Edward Scissorhands” is a brilliantly unique piece of movie magic that captivates with an enduring sentimentality and quirky sensibility.

The film that would bolster the rising star of Johnny Depp, “Edward Scissorhands,” saw Depp break teen idol protocol as a character physically disguised and emotionally distinguished. A modern classic that includes meaningful values, this contemporary fairytale is what an unconventional Christmas movie is all about.

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