The Best & Worst from The 2015 Golden Globe Awards

Breaking the Glass Ceiling:
Actress Gina Rodriguez broke the mold as she became the first actor from a CW series to win a Golden Globe for her work on the network’s freshman series, “Jane the Virgin.” Rodriguez’s win paves the way for other unheralded actors from the network to achieve future acknowledgment. The former “Bold & the Beautiful.” star's acceptance speech was also a real winner, heartfelt and concise.

Most Romantic Moment: George Clooney publicly states his love for a bashful Amal Clooney, his new wife. The notorious former bachelor’s proclamation was beyond sweet without turning overly saccharine, and it’s safe to say marriage looks good on him.

Best Dig: Tina Fey and Amy Poehler’s skewering remarks on the quality of “The Interview” were precisely what some of us were thinking. (Okay, I was feeling).

Weirdest Moment: In an obvious set-up to the pan to an uneasy reaction shot from “Into the Woods,” star Chris Pine, Tina Fey, and Poehler commented on their mutual attraction to him. The only problem was…he wasn’t there to hear it or react to it.

Most Unnecessary Roast: Why is Ricky Gervais still giving roasts? It seems to be becoming an annual thing. Given the producers seem to like it enough for him to be continually invited back to do it, why did they ever part with him in the first place? 

Best Attendee: Between nominee Benedict Cumberbatch photobombing Meryl Streep and his amusing gag being called to the stage to present with Jennifer Aniston, Cumberbatch was a great, high-energy sport throughout the entire night.

Best Presentation: Jack Black's presentation of “Boyhood” had the perfect spark of enthusiasm, and he's not the only one itching for a sequel to “Bernie." Haven’t seen “Boyhood,” but it’s impossible to imagine Richard Linklater topping the aforementioned dark comedy.

Best Counter Speech: As many of the night’s female winners praised the opportunities to play strong women, Best Actress in a Mini-Series/Motion Picture winner Maggie Gyllenhaal took her time at the podium to respond by applauding the ability to play real women with complicated flaws and all. Preach!

Classiest Speech: Kevin Spacey got choked up paying tribute to director Stanley Kramer during his acceptance speech. Spacey taking his big moment to shine a light on someone else was a beyond classy move. Honorable Mention: George Clooney did similarly by remembering Robin Williams and Lauren Bacall in his Lifetime Achievement speech.

Best Awkward Introduction: Awkward moments at the presenter’s podium are common, and the way Kristin Wiig and Bill Hader handled it was brilliant, as Wiig did a not-so-great Robert De Niro impression that was inadvertently hilarious, Hader comically came to her rescue. Can anyone else see them hosting next year’s awards?

Non-Clappers vs. Clappers: It was the trickiest choice of the night, to clap or not to clap. On the one side, it seems very humble to simply wave or deflect attention by not clapping while one's name is called. On the other hand, it's an awards show and not continuing to clap when you're there to be celebrated comes off a bit false. It’s a tough call. What do you think?

Classiest Proud Dad Speech: Michael Keaton’s speech was moving, especially when he got choked up talking about his “best friend” and son Sean. 

Golden Globe Spotlight: Following the festivities, the movies that incited some newly generated interest were “Pride,” “St. Vincent,” and “Leviathon”.

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[Image by NBC]