The Worst of Movies in 2014 | 'Need for Speed', 'Neighbors', 'The Other Woman' & more

Worst Movie: Need for Speed | Over the top ridiculousness that never let up, Aaron Paul’s big starring vehicle proved a lemon. You couldn’t even enjoy the exhibition of high performance cars. Instead viewers were treated to the ludicrous sight of a monster truck outrunning a souped-up sports car, an utter absurdity. Read Eclectic Pop’s Review here

Worst Thriller: Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit | Its biggest crime was wasting the talent of Kiera Knightly and its second biggest misstep was its sound mixing. Read Eclectic Pop’s Review here

Worst Comedy: Neighbors | There were a slew of bad comedies this year, “That Awkward Moment”, “Horrible Bosses 2” and “Sex Tape" were all top contenders to be crowned the worst but it was this juvenile frat comedy that took the cake. Try as he might, not even Dave Franco could save this movie from collapsing under the weight of its manchild buffoonery. Read Eclectic Pop’s Review here

Most Disappointing Comedy: The Other Woman | Expectations were high for this chick flick about a wife and her husband's unwitting mistress working together to take him down. As it turns out, this sloppy mess could only serve up one derivative joke after another. Still, its most surprising failing was Leslie Mann and Cameron Diaz’s lack of buddy chemistry. Read Eclectic Pop’s Review here

Most Falsely Advertised Movie: Noah | Not a Biblical epic by any means; rock covered “angels” and a homicidal Noah were chief among its adaptive discrepancies. Aronofsky’s movie in and of itself was not terrible, the problem was its unmistakable bait and switch to audiences with a marketing campaign that failed to even mildly hint that it would be a loose interpretation.

Most In-Between Movie: Enemy | It is the movie that brought about the most mixed feelings in 2014 and after getting some distance from the initial disappointment, those feelings have improved. Its cinematography and overwrought direction remains a horribly frustrating memory and it deserves to be on the worst list for those traits alone.

On the flip side, "Enemy" redeems itself with Jake Gyllenhaal's performance and the ferocious debate it spurs among movie lovers when mentioned.  Whether you loved it or hated it, the response was visceral which is an achievement in and of itself. In the end, the only way to settle its in-between status was to appear on both lists. Read Eclectic Pop's Review here

Worst Heroine: Katniss Everdeen, Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1 | In case you missed it, here's the reasons why. 

Movie Only a Fan Could Love: Veronica Mars | If you were a non-fan, this movie introduction to the cancelled television series didn't prove all that inclusionary. A bracingly judgmental eponymous character and a cliquish script did little to warm up the welcome wagon. Read Eclectic Pop's Review here

Worst Post-Apocalyptic Movie/Most Disappointing Drama: The Rover |
There’s slow pacing meant to build a movie’s character and then there’s slowness to the point of futility, “The Rover” falls into the latter category. Guy Pearce and Robert Pattinson starred in this nearly wordless and boring film about a vile man (Pearce) living after the occurrence of a worldwide financial collapse. When his car is stolen by hoodlums, he teams up with the left-for-dead brother of the ringleader to get it back. Cue an anguishing period of time spent with two characters not worth caring about, let alone summing the interest to find out what happens to them.

Worst Sequel: Horrible Bosses 2 | A humorless free-for-all that failed to amuse, with its uptick of crudity only making it appear all the more desperate. Read Eclectic Pop’s Review here

Worst Mystery: Gone Girl | Featuring plot holes galore, “Gone Girl” failed to come anywhere close to the standard set by the 90’s offering of erotic thrillers such as “Malice”, “To Die For”, “Under Suspicion” and “The Beneficiary”. Another lackluster performance from Ben Affleck made “Gone Girl” all the more underwhelming. Read Eclectic Pop’s Review here and its companion piece, Let's Talk About...5 Things Concerning "Gone Girl" here

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