2nd Guest Spot on War Machine vs. War Horse: Johnny Depp Edition

I recently had the pleasure of once again guesting on the fantastic movie-centric podcast, War Machine vs. War Horse. If you are a movie fan in search of a podcast filled with hilarious banter and a thought provoking examination of film, this is the podcast for you. In each episode, the show opens with the discussion of a new or recent release.

Afterwards talk turns to two older releases that share a similar theme. The strands of similarity can span from the movie’s premise to the actor starring in it. They then debate, which movie superiorly handled the subject of its critique.

In this installment, the discussion centered on the career of international movie icon Johnny Depp and his recent box office snafu “Mortdecai”. In the comparative analysis portion of the program, his two more fondly remembered and revered films; “What’s Eating Gilbert Grape” and “Donnie Brasco” were the topic of conversation.

The spirited discussion covered 3 entirely different incarnations of Depp. The now infamous; zanily eccentric version displayed in “Mortdecai”, the downbeat and withdrawn persona seen in “What’s Eating Gilbert Grape” and the internalized volatility of his role in “Donnie Brasco”. Tune in to find out which of the latter two versions won out in the final vote. 

The easy repartee and cinematic know-how of its cast makes War Horse vs. War Machine a wonderful listening experience and as a fan of the show first and foremost, it was a blast to get the first listen to this episode.

For a quick refresher on the above mentioned films: “Mortdecai” was Depp’s critically ill-received Pink Panther send-up which found him playing the titular Charlie Mortdecai, an art fencer who is caught up in a global conspiracy when he is implored to help recover a stolen painting for the British government. High jinks as you might imagine, plentifully ensue. You can read Eclectic Pop’s review here.

“What’s Eating Gilbert Grape” follows the travails of small town denizen Gilbert (Depp) as he tends to the needs of his mentally challenged brother, overweight mother and beset sisters. Gilbert has a lot on his plate. Between balancing the care of his struggling family and his own personal ambitions, he’s also carrying on an affair with a married woman (Mary Steenburgen).

The final film, “Donnie Brasco” tells the true story of the sting operation that brought down a prevalent mob organization. Focusing on the relationship between Depp’s undercover agent Joe Pistone aka Donnie Brasco and Al Pacino’s made man Lefty, their ensuing friendship starts to tear at the seams of Brasco’s home life and the ongoing investigation. Fun Fact: All of the movies discussed feature the name of Depp’s character in the title.

Thanks again to Mike and Shane for having me on their show, it was another marvelous experience. You can listen to the episode by clicking here and check out War Machine vs. War Horse on Tumblr by clicking here. You can also follow the show on Twitter @warmachinehorse and the crew: Mike @Mike_Denniston, Shane @TheShaneWayne and @Following_Films. Enjoy!

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