The Top 5 Reasons to See 'Insurgent'

#5: Tris is a Great Heroine

When it comes to having a heroine who is tough, courageous, passionate, brave and romantic; the “Divergent” series’ Tris dominates her genre competition. As a renegade fighting a totalitarian government, she is reasonably hesitant and outright determined.

What the first movie managed to capture was an ordinary girl thrust into extraordinary circumstances, coming to grips with her destiny and finding her place in the world. Shailene Woodley’s natural screen presence and vivid performance conjured a heroine that’s equal parts vulnerable, fierce, fun and relatable.

#4: The Reunion

If you’ve been itching for a reunion between Woodley and her co-stars from “Fault in Our Stars” and “Spectacular Now”; you’re in luck. The catch is they share the screen in vastly different character capacities this go around. Ansel Elgort, Woodley’s love interest from last year’s teen love story smash “The Fault in Our Stars”, plays her brother in “Insurgent”.

While Miles Teller plays Tris’ thorny rival and dubious ally, Peter. Even playing adversaries Woodley and Teller’s chemistry crackled in “Divergent”, a surefire indication of an enduring screen partnership that can take on several forms. "Insurgent" marks their third collaboration.

#3: The Romance

Somehow in the midst of the original installment’s lively action and adventure, Tris somehow found the time to for fall for her older instructor, Four (Theo James). Things between the two started from a timid place, only to find Four revealing the wounded soul lying beneath his cache of tattoos and a respectful union was forged.

With all of the awkward “will they or won’t they” fumbling out of the way, the twosome should prove to be a force to be reckoned with in the sequel. Not to mention when it comes to dystopian movie paramours; Four stands head and shoulders above the rest. He’s emotionally tortured, rationally broody and a kick-ass to boot.

#2: Changes You Should Know About

Before you get to the theater expecting a sequel with the same exact same feel of its predecessor, take these things into account. First off, there is a different director. Due to scheduling conflicts Neil Burger had to be replaced with “Red” helmer Robert Schwentke. Keep in mind that as awesome as “Red” was, “Insurgent” will be Schwentke’s follow-up to “R.I.P.D.”, the not-so-well-received horror comedy starring Jeff Bridges and Ryan Reynolds.

Actor Ben Lamb (“The White Queen”) was set to return for the sequel, only to drop out prior to filming for another project. Jonny Weston was subsequently cast in a similar role and the character's name was changed from Edward to Edgar in an apparent effort to avoid confusion. Another behind the scenes switch up was the filming location. While “Divergent” was filmed in Chicago, “Insurgent” was shot in Atlanta. One shouldn’t expect this to have any drastic on-screen impact though.

#1: The Best of Its Kind

“Divergent” was a pleasant surprise last year and a welcomed reprieve from the moody angst and melancholic tedium that comprises other YA end-of-the-world franchises. Setting it apart was its colorful cinematography, strong ensemble performances and an emphasis on character development.

While still young, those portrayed in the rebel conflict have come of legal age. A far cry from the spate of violence aimed at little kids in “The Hunger Games” and “The Maze Runner”. It could be said that once you’ve sat through one apocalyptic movie, you’ve sat through them all but in the case of “Divergent” there was a refreshing enough spin to render it; invigoratingly entertaining.

Photo Credit: "Divergent: Insurgent"