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TV Rundown: Oct 18 - 23 | Francis Makes Plans on 'Reign' & Tom Rushes to the Rescue on 'The Blacklist'

Reign The best episode of the season so far, also felt like a defining one for the entire series. Focused entirely on French court, the action mainly revolved around Francis' attempts to resolve the issues that will be facing his loved ones when he dies. When Mary failed to negotiate a deal with Conde’s brother King Antoine, she had to call upon her greatest frenemy to get the job done. Catherine found redemption (or as close as she can get to it) by putting her own life on the line to secure her son’s thrown.

TV Rundown: Oct 11 - 16 | 'The Blacklist' & 'Reign' Maintain Their Momentum

The Blacklist
The NBC drama wasted no time capitalizing on the momentum of last week’s tremendous episode. Red and Liz teamed up to take down another blacklister, Red finally realized Dembe was missing, Red’s scene stealing cohort Glen made a spectacular return to the series and Harold enlisted Tom for help in finding the elusive assassin, Karakurt. “Eli Meatchett (No. 72)” moved at a strong pace and had terrific moments of comic relief.

Eclectic Pop News: Eclectic Selection #7 Playlist on #RKC - Get All the Details!

It’s that time again! A brand new playlist for #RKC will finally premiere this Friday (Oct 23). 23 songs will comprise the latest Eclectic Selection lineup. Below you will find the complete playlist (in order of airplay), the artist, the song and the social media links for you to connect with the featured artists further.

You can listen to the show on the live stream on #RKC’s website ( or on the Tune In app and stay up to date with all of the latest musical happenings on #RKC by following them on Twitter @RadioKC. Eclectic Selection airs Fridays, at 7 pm EST.

Movie Review: 'Jurassic World' (2015)

The best moments of “Jurassic World” happen within its first 2 minutes; when the father of the two boys who will be in peril for the next 2 hours, expounds “you’re not going to war” as his teenage son shares a lingering goodbye with his girlfriend. Andy Buckley brings the one earned laugh of the movie and like that he and his father character are gone.

Movie Review: 'The Loft' (2014)

A morality tale, a mystery and a character study all rolled into one. The second remake and third adaptation of “The Loft” (the first in English) tells the non-linear and tawdry story of a group of friends who find themselves embroiled in a murder mystery when the body of a woman is found in the loft they share to carry on their infidelities behind their respective spouses’ backs.

TV Rundown: Oct 4 - 9 | Part 2 | 'Reign,' 'Vampire Diaries' Return, 'The Blacklist' Ignites

Reign The royal drama kicked off its third season in powerful fashion. Now split between the happenings of the French court and the English, the series widened the scope of its setting as it narrowed its focus to the three queens at the center of the conflict; Mary, Catherine, and Elizabeth.


TV Report Card: 'Reign' Season 2 Review

Overview: Mary and Francis faced down enemies from outside the castle and within, all the while battling the ups and downs of a new marriage. Elsewhere, Mary’s ladies found love, flirtation, scandalous trysts and disaster.

TV Rundown: Oct 4 - 9 | Part 1 | 'Arrow' & 'The Flash' Return, 'Blood & Oil' Improves

“Arrow” always tends to pack a punch with its season premiere and this season’s was no exception. Opening on the domestic life of Oliver and Felicity, it wasn’t long before they were enticed back to Star City to aid Team Arrow in the fight against a new sinister force terrorizing the city. The action was good and the character-driven arcs were compelling.

Top 5 Ways to Improve 'The Blacklist'

A sophomore slump was inevitable after its tremendous freshman season, however the distance the second season of “The Blacklist” fell was more significant than one could’ve anticipated. In light of the third season premiere, it has become clear that NBC’s once near-perfect crime drama is reaching a tipping point. That said, the show still has the ability to get back on track and here are 5 suggestions on how they might be able to do that…

TV Report Card | 'Arrow' Season 3 Review

Overview: Oliver faced his greatest enemy yet in Ra’s al Ghul. While Sara’s murder reverberated with consequences for everyone on Team Arrow as they sought vengeance.

TV Rundown: Sep 27 - Oct 2 | 'The Blacklist' Returns, 'Blood & Oil' Churns

The TV Rundown is back for fall! Find out all about the series premiere of ABC's "Blood & Oil" and the third season premiere of NBC's "The Blacklist"...

Blood & Oil
The premiere of ABC’s oily new sudser kicked off in the usual way, introducing viewers to the lead characters, scoping out their prospective enemies and setting the stage for the drama to come. Pilots can go one of two ways. They are either the weakest episode the series will ever have or it will knock the doors off its intended mission to hook its prey from the opening gate. Sadly for “Blood & Oil” the latter scenario turned out, not to be the case.

Movie Review: 'The Face of an Angel' (2014)

Michael Winterbottom has changed the names and kept the places for his fictionalized take on the real-life murder case of Meredith Kercher and the court prosecution that followed against Amanda Knox. Told through the eyes of Thomas (Daniel Bruhl), a director weathering a personal crisis, a strange mix of fact and fiction mingle to create a dramatic deluge that begets more questions than answers.

Fall TV's Best New Bets | CBS | 'Supergirl' & 'Angel from Hell' - Plus, a Midseason Bonus Pick

It's that time of year again, new fall programming is getting ready to begin and Eclectic Pop has picked at least two of the most promising new series from each network. Find out which of the new shows from CBS made the cut...

Yes, the trailer was campy and another superhero TV show might not be what television as a whole needs but this show has something few can claim to have, the perfect casting of its lead. You couldn’t ask for a better actress to play Clark Kent’s super cousin than the fantastic Melissa Benoist. When “Glee” took on the challenge of recharging its underclassmen for its fourth season, they hit gold with the casting of Benoist as Marley, the vocally talented and lovable good-girl daughter of the cafeteria lady.