EP Review | The Actions, 'Indefensible'

Lyrical mantras and heady instrumentation take center stage on London-based alternative rock band The Action’s latest EP 'Indefensible'. Jump starting the EP is the inaugural entry: “The Echo”, which puts a jazzy spin on the band’s trip hop influences. “Counting All Days” follows with a trance-like vigor. Arriving at the EP’s third song is where 'Indefensible' breaks out. Opening with a succinct drum beat, the EP’s title track builds through an intricate instrumental section before cresting into a layered echo of vocals. Gloomy and brimming with an electric pulsation of sound, The Actions bring their psychedelically bent rock into an immaculate storm of sound. 

The lyrical content is lean on loquacious variety, using its sparse variation of wording to draw attention to 3 repeated mantras “wanna take my everything far away”, “everyday my energies rot away” and “you make me go slow”. It all culminates in a closing verse distinctively devoid of repetition, in a reference to stagnant tranquility and the desire to be stirred towards a new horizon. Melodically cloaked in a nocturnal sense of dimension, “Indefensible” features a trio of structured movements. From its instrumental introduction to the ethereal vocals that enter soon afterwards and the looming guitar riff that ties it all together. 

Penultimate track “So Still” similarly kicks up a fair share of dreamy stardust with an alternating melodic flavoring that seamlessly transitions between the band’s psychedelic and alt rock leanings. “Clouding Over (part 1)” closes out the EP with an entirely instrumental sound. The briefest song on the EP, it hits all the right notes before fading into the trippy ether.

'Indefensible' is an EP that consistently showcases the band’s unique sound and futuristic poise. There is an electro industrialism that seeps into all of The Action’s tracks, dipping into a realm of beat-based instrumentation that simmers long after you have taken off your headphones.

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