Why Figure Skaters Should Consider Music from 'Game of Thrones,' 'Fifty Shades of Grey' And More

A new season of figure skating is upon us and with that, a slew of new programs. If you are a fan of figure skating, be it singles, pairs or ice dance, then you know that music selection can oftentimes be the make or break difference between a good program and a great one.

The beautiful part of the following music is that working two programs around them would be easy. There is enough variety on these soundtracks that using a different medley of songs from the same soundtrack would be sustainable for both the short and free skate, and it would not bore the listener. Plus, it would tie the two programs together.

With a bent towards the classics, certain skaters have dared to flirt with the modern and last season saw a nice rotation of movie soundtracks. Ashley Wagner performed to a medley from “Moulin Rouge” for her free skate, while Mirai Nagasu skated to one from the 2013 “Great Gatsby” remake.

It is a trend that would be wonderful to see continue and Eclectic Pop has some ideas on how to keep it going.

[Image by HBO]

“Game of Thrones” Soundtrack

It is the pop culture sensation that has the entire world talking. HBO’s “Game of Thrones” is known for its more infamous on-screen qualities but its music has also made an indelible impression on the pop culture landscape. “Thrones” has one of the most iconic theme songs of the past decade and its music profile has only risen in recent months.

Composer Ramin Djawadi is taking his impressive score on the road for a concert tour set to kick off in 2017. Djawadi’s score has a cinematic impact that resonates with a raw passion that never overwhelms listeners. It is the perfect music to get a crowd rapidly pulled into a performance.

Suggested Tracks:

“Main Title” is the stirring theme that comprises the opening sequence. “Light of the Seven” features a soft piano that eventually kicks into high gear. It quickly became one of Season 6’s most recognizable tunes. “The Winds of Winter” is a fusion of every story arc’s theme music, culminating in a rousing closing number for Season 6.

“Hear Me Roar” is a nice combination of “The Light of the Seven” and a pleasing play on the Lannister’s theme. “Blood of My Blood” was the title track for Season 6, Episode 6 and it was one of the year’s absolute finest.

[Image by Fox Searchlight Pictures]

“Far from the Madding Crowd” Soundtrack

Craig Armstrong’s ravishing original score for the 2015 romantic drama is one of the greatest to accompany a movie in a long while. Simply put, there are no bad tracks to be found on it.

Armstrong is already a favorite among the skating community, as he is the composer behind the soundtracks for “Moulin Rouge,” “The Great Gatsby,” and “Elizabeth: The Golden Age.” All of those soundtracks were performed to in the 2015-16 season.

Armstrong’s score for “Far from the Madding Crowd” mightily exceeds those works. It is romantic and soaring with an inspirational undercurrent. Given the movie’s romantic majesty, its music is best geared for a pairs or ice dancing team to work their partnership wonders on.

Suggested Tracks:

The “Far from the Madding Crowd Love Theme” sonically encompasses the film’s central love triangle with a hint of instrumental yearning that eloquently brings it all together. “Opening” is the movie’s first hint you are in for one tremendous theatrical treat as it effectively announces the film’s towering presence.

The movie includes two renditions of “Let No Man Steal Your Thyme.” The haunting version from the trailer solely features the stupendous vocals of its star, Carey Mulligan. While the other is a piano backed duet with co-star Michael Sheen; both are brilliant.  

“Swiss Boy” is an upbeat ditty that lends itself to a foot-step sequence. “Michael Turner’s Waltz” is a waltz with stirring romantic eminence, an ideal interlude for an ice dance.

[Image by Focus Features / Universal Pictures] 

“Fifty Shades of Grey” Soundtrack

Several skaters selected songs from the “Fifty Shades of Grey” soundtrack to perform to in exhibition and the results were pretty intense. While it could be seen as controversial to dance to in competition, it might be the edge some skaters need to spice things up.

Every indication is that “Fifty Shades” will continue being a relevant member of the pop culture zeitgeist, so why not embrace it? Clearly this is a musical choice that would work best for a skating team, whether in pairs or ice dance. The sexy soundtrack offers a chance to reintroduce some sensuality to the skating rink and melt a little ice in the process. 

Suggested Tracks:

Anything on it is skate-able and a medley from the soundtrack would probably work best. The Weeknd’s sultry “Earned It,” Ellie Goulding’s upbeat “Love Me like You Do,” and Awolnation’s cover of Bruce Springsteen’s “I’m on Fire” are all prime tracks.

While a strictly instrumental emphasis could be placed on composer Danny Elfman’s contribution to the original score with “Ana and Christian” and “Did That Hurt,” both of which would certainly scintillate. 

Bonus Tracks: Various Artists: M83’s “Outro” and Sugar + the Hi-Lows’ “Morning Joy”

Last year, the Shibutani’s wowed audiences with their powerful performance to Coldplay’s “Fix You.” It is easy to imagine them giving another one to M83’s breathtaking “Outro.” Sugar + the Hi-Lows have created the perfect ice dancing confection with “Morning Joy” and its final minutes contain the perfect spot for a Swizzle sequence, starting around the 3-minute mark.