Let's Discuss: The 'Pretty Little Liars' Series Finale

If you are still processing the “Pretty Little Liars” series finale, you are not alone. You cannot move past a 7-year journey in a few weeks.

Or at least, yours truly cannot. The point of this feature is to go over a few things that stood out in the finale. Here it goes...

Aria, Ezra, and her parents

In the series finale, Ezra asks if he has Byron’s blessing to marry Aria during the rehearsal dinner. Byron basically says that Ezra makes Aria happy and never cared about her parents, so yeah. Come again?

Why would any parent want their child with a man who has not cared about what they think? Why is this acceptable? Aria and Ezra’s relationship began under illegal circumstances and this last blow only solidified its off-putting nature.

Aria was an underage high school student (15) when she and Ezra (a grown man in his 20s) began “dating.” Throughout “Pretty Little Liars’” seven seasons, Ezra made no apologies for his inappropriate relationship with Aria or Alison for that matter. Nor did he apologize to Aria’s parents for the upheaval his decision to pursue their daughter had on their family.

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Ezra continues this disregard for Aria’s family, until the end of the series. Adding further insult to injury, he admits he never asked for her father’s blessing to propose to Aria. All things Aria’s family is supposed to accept because Aria is happy, even though they are justly miserable. Her parents' concerns have merit and ignoring them doesn’t change that.

While Ezra’s behavior was bad, he was empowered by Aria, who never put any importance on what her family thought. She wanted Ezra and everyone just had to get over it. Why she feels her happiness outweighs her parents' is puzzling.

Aria’s mom and dad were totally justified in their reservations over their daughter's relationship. Aria and Ezra staying together does not disprove or invalidate that fact. The sad part is that Aria didn't even think or care to convince them otherwise.

Alex, Alison, and Emily

Why on earth, did Alex commit reproductive rape against Alison and Emily? This plot point made absolutely zero sense. Alison did nothing to Charlotte, who Alex claimed to be seeking vengeance for.

Alison had been Charlotte’s greatest advocate and successfully worked to get her released from the mental institution. Emily had not done anything to Charlotte either, so Alex’s motive is beyond weak.

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Once again, “Pretty Little Liars” brushed over a criminal act. While Alison and Emily found happiness with the outcome, it does not change how it came about.

If Alex wanted to see what Wren’s child would look like, she could have had his baby herself. What she did to Alison and Emily was unacceptable. Like Ezra and Aria, “PLL” acts as though a happy ending to a criminal beginning justifies things.

Haleb without happiness

Why did Hanna and Caleb ("Haleb") have to spend most of the finale, fighting, and over something so petty? It was so out-of-character for Caleb to show zero compassion for Mona. It was also disturbing that for Hanna to be considered a "good" wife, she had to show Mona none as well.

After spending the final season in a state of muted emotion, Haleb only had one scene of resolved happiness in the finale. Caleb did not come off positively in it either. His pouting, until he got what he wanted, was particularly irksome and it came after an episode, where he vowed to never forget his ill-advised relationship with Spencer.

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Speaking of Spencer, Haleb had to spend the entirety of the final season walking on egg shells to avoid hurting her feelings over their reunion. When did Spencer hold back on hurting Hanna’s feelings when she and Caleb were together? Never.

Caleb and Hanna, and Spencer and Toby belonged together anyway. Acting like Spencer and Caleb needed their relationship together to end up with their previous paramours/soul mates made little to no sense.

Spencer x2

How was it fair to the rest of the Liars to have Spencer and her twin dominate the last act of the series? “Pretty Little Liars” has always been an ensemble. So to have Spencer and her twin take up so much time in the finale, felt completely unfair to the other Liars.

Before wrapping this up, there were some positives to the finale so let’s end with those.

-The final scene between the Liars was perfect.

-Mona reclaiming her sanity and beating her latest nemesis was a satisfying way to see the character off... for now. Mona will always be one of the series' MVPs and it was great to see her where she has always belonged, front and center.

-Another time jump to set up the final episode was a wise move.

-The conclusion to "Pretty Little Liars" was ten times better than the "Gossip Girl" series finale.

Despite everything mentioned above, “Pretty Little Liars” is going to be missed. The series' zany stories and compelling characters kept Tuesdays terrifically entertaining for seven sensational years.

In the end, you could not have felt this strong about it, without having cared so deeply and if there is one thing “Pretty Little Liars” had always managed to do, it was make this viewer care. You can relive most of the series by streaming it on Netflix. Season 1 through Season 7A are currently available. Find out when Season 7B will start streaming on Hidden Remote.

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