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Movie Review: 'The Villainess' (2017)

Opening with a daring action sequence, “The Villainess” makes its intentions known from the get-go. Jung Byung-gil’s sudsy revenge epic is beyond bold, and you will know if you are sold within its first breathless minutes. With its hook firmly in place; viewers are pulled through a time-hopping storyline that clarifies the opener, while also taking you beyond it.

Movie Review: 'Lady Bird' (2017)

Writer/director Greta Gerwig’s endearing coming-of-age dramedy is a breath of character-driven fresh air. Christine “Lady Bird” McPherson (Saoirse Ronan) is a spunky, unconventional, and extremely confident 17-year-old. Heading towards the end of her high school career with little personal direction, and a laser focus on getting into a college on the east coast, Lady Bird has hit a crossroads. She is ready to fly the coop.

Movie Review: 'Forgotten' (2017)

The movie poster for the Korean thriller 'Forgotten' on Neflix
There is nothing forgettable about this innovative dramatic thriller that superbly weaves together several genre threads to create something entirely unique. “Forgotten” (originally titled: “Gi-eok-ui Bam”) opens as a family is moving into their new home. Joining their parents are twenty-something brothers Jin-seok (Kang Ha-neul) and Yoo-seok (Kim Mu-yeol).

Miniseries Review: 'Run!' (2016)

A four-part miniseries that never grinds its gears, "Run!" is as thrilling a viewing experience as its title suggests. Featuring "Silver Spoon" co-stars Pavel Priluchnyy and Denis Shvedov, this action-packed limited series is the perfect showcase for the actors' innate buddy chemistry.

2018 Winter Olympics: Virtue And Moir Led The Best Of Ice Dance

The 2018 Winter Olympics are over, and it is difficult to refer to the emotions in its aftermath, as anything other than bittersweet. The world witnessed ice dance greats, Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir, win their second individual gold in what was possibly their last Games as competitors.