Review: Canada's Stars On Ice 2018

Lights, passion, action! That sums up Canada’s 2018 Stars on Ice. A 26-hour drive (round-trip) culminated in a life-long memory that will carry this skating fan for eternity. The 2018 Stars on Ice in Ottawa was a spectacular event that showcased the exquisite talent of its starring skaters.

The music, choreography, and programs could not have been better put together. There were no dull moments as one carefully designed number after another filled the ice. Each skater performed twice individually, once with an upbeat number and the other time with a more serious one. The group numbers were all terrific, cohesively choreographed with wonderful casting to boot.

Figure skating fans got to see the elegant finesse of Kaetlyn Osmond and the sassy star power of Gabrielle Daleman. Pairs team Megan Duhamel and Eric Radford's stunning flips and tricks. The spectacular showmanship of Javier Fernandez as he entertained in full force. Ice dance duo Kaitlin Weaver and Andrew Poje's enchanting and suave mystique as they flowed across the ice.

There was Patrick Chan's outstanding skill as a technician and an artist, as he performed his Olympic-winning free program among others. Jeffrey Buttle's upbeat spirit amidst a standout feat. As demonstrated at Stars on Ice, skating veteran Elvis Stojko's awe-inspiring athleticism and performance quality remain an enduring treasure for the sport.

Seeing Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir, the greatest ice dance team of all-time, perform their "Moulin Rouge" free dance was incredibly special. As someone who watched on live TV as the duo claimed their third Olympic gold in one of the most nail-biting moments in sports history, hearing the opening riff of “El Tango De Roxanne” was enough to send you back. At that moment, past and present collided.

Witnessing the athleticism, passion, and power of ice dance's eternal king and queen, in person, actually eclipsed expectations, which says a lot about their talent. There will never be another team like them.

As the entire cast performed their final number, the camaraderie between them was apparent and wonderful to watch. It was a pleasure to see all of them perform in a spectacular setting that gave each of them a chance to be in the spotlight, in their own way. The show ended with the stars on ice shining with effervescent majesty.

[Featured Image by Stars on Ice]