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Movie Review: Is 'The Strangers: Prey At Night' A Worthy Sequel?

When your predecessor is the scariest movie of all-time, there are bound to be expectations. No one could have reasonably thought “The Strangers” would or could go back-to-back with two equally unnerving installments. Enter “The Strangers: Prey at Night” into the fray.
In fact, the idea of a sequel…

TV Review: 'Medici' Season 1 'Masters of Florence'

Medici Masters of Florence Contessina de Bardi Medici Annabel Scholey Piero de Medici Alessandro Sperduti Lucrezia Tornabuoni Valentina Belle
One of Eclectic Pop's picks for 2016's best television series; “Medici: Masters of Florence” boasts an excellent eight-episode freshman season. “Game of Thrones" grad Richard Madden stars as Cosimo de’ Medici, the Medici patriarch who paves the way for his House’s rise to newfound prominence. Sound familiar?

Scary Movie Highlights On Netflix And Elsewhere

The Awakening Rebecca Hall Florence Cathcart
Every once in a while a lot of us yearn for a little thrill. Perhaps it’s a certain chill in the air that helps put it there, but the desire is real nonetheless. So, what is worth watching on Netflix and elsewhere to give you that bite of fright? Eclectic Pop has some suggestions, and they range from supernatural-based thrillers to reality-centric scares…

Movie Review: 'Delirium' (2018)

Movies centered on a plot that questions whether a protagonist is sane or not is practically its own genre at this point. To be perfectly honest, yours truly is not its biggest fan. In fact, when perusing potential viewing options, it is the most avoided one. So, suffice it to say “Delirium” had to have something going for it, to decide to press play.