'A Quiet Place' 2 Is Coming. Now To A Burning Question About The First Movie.

Do not worry, everything you are about to read is entirely spoiler-free. In case you have not heard by now, the much-expected announcement of a sequel to “A Quiet Place” is officially here. That’s right, the surprise box office horror hit is coming back for round 2.

John Krasinski made the announcement on Instagram. He also revealed the movie’s projected premiere date. No need to leave you in suspense. It is May 15, 2020. So, you can expect to see the family that could not safely make a sound, back about a year from now. If you have yet to see the original "A Quiet Place," news of a sequel may be enough to inspire you to rent it.

Following this premise, you have yet to see it, and you may have a question. Is this box office hit also a popcorn movie? As in, can you comfortably eat popcorn while watching it with other people?

This is a question yours truly sought the answer to before watching it the first time. How quiet is the movie “A Quiet Place?” After an exhaustive Google search, it yielded no comfortable results. Or at least, none I could find. Hence, it only seemed right to give you the direct answer here on Eclectic Pop because I believe you deserve answers.

This is a personal opinion having watched it snack-free to be safe. That said, the short answer is that chewed respectfully you should be able to eat popcorn or any other softer snack, without worrying about bothering your viewing neighbor. Of course, certain scenes are better to take a bite of something in than others.

Despite its title, “A Quiet Place” is not as quiet of a film as its name hints at. In fact, it has one of the better and more pronounced scores in recent U.S. movie-making. The trend of minimalist musical scores may finally be behind us (yay!). Or at least, John Krasinski did not decide to forego a soundtrack for his movie. Please be a trend!

Maybe someone saw “The Gift” and realized audiences did not deserve that bare of a soundtrack again. True story: seeing the Jason Bateman thriller in theaters marked one of my most uncomfortable theater-going experiences ever. No one in the audience felt safe to have a single bite of their snack.

"The Gift" is a great movie, but without much of a soundtrack, it made the ability to enjoy it with popcorn or anything else, beyond impossible. Based on early buzz surrounding “A Quiet Place,” it seemed the horror movie may have followed suit. Well, it did not.

“A Quiet Place” has a noticeable soundtrack to fill in the “quiet” spots. It also uses its score to usher in the urgency felt by its characters as they face one bad scenario after another.

So, to recap: “A Quiet Place” is not a silent film nor is it a super quiet film. It is a regular-sounding movie despite its quiet premise.

[Featured Image by Paramount Pictures]