Let's Discuss: 'Vikings' Star Katheryn Winnick In Netflix's 'Polar'

Don't worry. This feature is spoiler-free. Now to “Polar,” the recently released theatrical thriller on Netflix. It stars the mega-talented Mads Mikkelsen as Duncan Vizla, a top-tier assassin on the verge of retirement. Working to keep him from collecting his pension, his company tries to terminate him, permanently.

“Vikings” actress and fan favorite, Katheryn Winnick, who plays Lagertha on the History series, stars as Vivian, a member of said criminal organization in "Polar." Despite being Duncan's former handler, she betrays him by taking point on the mission to assassinate the assassin.

Now to the question any fan would want to know. How much is she in the movie? Well, Katheryn Winnick has a pivotal role and appears in various forms throughout "Polar." Usually wearing a disguise of some sort.

It is a significant part. The role mainly "calls" for her to curtly chat on the phone. So, do not expect to see her take part in any intense fight sequences.

If there is anyone who can bring the best out in a dialog-laden role, it is Katheryn Winnick. For “Vikings” fans curious to see her as a character different than Lagertha, “Polar” definitely gives her that opportunity. And Winnick plays it to the hilt.

As for actual screen time, that is harder to nail down. Katheryn Winnick's scenes, while brief, are interspersed throughout the movie. So, it feels like she is always involved in the action.

It is also worth noting that her scenes with Mads Mikkelson are electric, even when they are talking on the phone. Their face-to-face at the beginning sadly marks a rare occurrence. If only there were more between them as the film developed.

As Vivian, Katheryn Winnick gets to play in a story set in present-day and like Lagertha, Vivian is a very in-control character. Ruthlessness and a lack of loyalty being two of the many traits Vivian does not share with the "Vikings" character.

"Polar" gives Winnick a chance to show off her range as an actress outside of the world of the History hit. With that series riding off into the sunset following Season 6, "Polar" offers a glimpse at the roles that await her. As her performance in "Polar" demonstrates, Winnick is more than ready for the challenge.

“Polar” is currently streaming on Netflix. The sixth and final season of “Vikings” should arrive at some point this year.

[Featured Image by Netflix]