Lovely Love Songs Playlist

There is something special about love songs. They have roughly three to four minutes to tell you a romantic story. Whether it is a power ballad filled with longing or a declaration of requited affection, there is arguably nothing lovelier in music than a love song. Hence, the following playlist of personal favorites.

The duet is arguably one of the most balanced approaches a love song can take to telling its story. While it is great to hear from one side of a romance, with a duet, you hear from both. That brings us to the featured song on the playlist.

Spotlight Song: “The Rest of Our Life”

Tim McGraw and Faith Hill’s both give terrific vocal performances in this lovely love song about its protagonists discussing plans to spend the rest of their lives together. Duets are always at their best when the lyricism reflects relatable aspects of living one’s life with someone else.

Being in the present is fantastic. Facing and embracing the future together is a far more involved aspect of romance. This song captures all of that and a little more with a sparkling sentimentality.

What Else You Will Hear

This list is comprised of nostalgic bursts of 90s’ era love songs. As someone who grew up with them, that was pretty unavoidable. Hence, there are few surprises where that part of the playlist is concerned. The unabashed classics are all here (hopefully).

There are also quite a few covers, including ones by the incredible group, Sleeping at Last. Their songs capture this quality of yearning that is ambient and ethereal – ear-catching if you will. In a side note: it is refreshing to have their music be such a popular choice this season in figure skating.

Back to the playlist. There are over 50 songs that comprise the over 3-and-a-half-hour list of songs, so you should not run out of any music anytime soon. Don’t you just love when that happens?

Without further ado, you can listen by following this link to the playlist on Spotify. Or check out the embed below:

[Featured Image "The Rest of Our Life" Cover Art by Arista Nashville/Background by Eclectic Pop]