Movie Review: Netflix's 'Ready To Mingle' Sizzles And Soars

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As someone who enjoys romantic comedies as a genre, there is one thing it is tough to say they often present, and that is total honesty about romance. The earnestness of “Ready to Mingle” (“Solteras”) not only sets it apart. It also makes it remarkably special. To get things started, the Spanish-language comedy from Mexico dives headfirst into a crushing breakup.

At yet another wedding that is not her own, Ana (Cassandra Ciangherotti) laments to her boyfriend of ten years, Gabriel (Pablo Cruz). She wants to get married, and he has no interest in committing to her. In a shocking twist, Gabriel ends their relationship right then and there. From here, “Ready to Mingle” chronicles Ana’s ensuing downward spiral as she experiences the grief a decade of dedication getting smashed to pieces will bring.

Heartbreak can lead to many emotions, including desperation. It can also lead to the willingness to try new things. Hence, after Ana learns her cousin is engaged, she has it and decides to take an instructional course that her cousin says put her on the path to marriage. From here, “Ready to Mingle” wades into a school for ready-to-marry bachelorettes.

Their instructor offers stinging advice that wakes Ana and others up. It is here that “Ready to Mingle” announces itself as a romantic comedy with philosophical leanings. Rom-coms can show you a great love story, and viewers can learn a lot from seeing it get “done right.” What happens when a coupling goes terribly wrong?

“Ready to Mingle” provides the answer, all the while providing an utterly unexpected storyline as it heads into its second act. Ana’s quest for what she thinks will make her happy (marriage) is only part of her battle. What happens if and when Prince Charming arrives before you are emotionally ready to be your best self?

There is so much that this sharply scripted commentary on romance provides. Director Luis Javier Henaine co-wrote “Ready to Mingle” with Alejandra Olvera Avila. Their partnership delivers a well-rounded script that examines women's and men’s distinctive search for love. As a director, Henaine maneuvers the comic timing with brilliant finesse. No scene lasts too long, and the pacing makes its 96-minute runtime fly by.

To be quite honest, I was in no hurry for “Ready to Mingle” to end. Cassandra Ciangherotti’s commanding performance as Ana is an incredibly significant part of that. Ciangherotti brings her to a level of vivid life that is rarely seen in the genre. Ana is written in a multi-layered way that Cassandra Ciangherotti hones with tremendous vivacity.

She is not afraid to play a single moment of Ana’s low points or sparkle when she hits a high. It is a magnetic performance that is as endearing as it is edgy in that Ana does not always treat those around her well. Cassandra Ciangherotti lives and breathes every line with equal importance and zest.

“Bridesmaids” really has nothing on “Ready to Mingle.” The latter relies on sizzling dialogue and observations about the dating world to drive its humor. It is also pleasant to see Ana’s family worked into the storyline and balanced alongside her relationship with her fellow students. Whereas “Bridesmaids” focuses on friends.

“Ready to Mingle” is a comedy about romance. What works and what does not. Is a single person’s goal to find love or marriage? How early should a person in a long-term relationship decide enough is enough when it comes to waiting for a commitment?

As “Ready to Mingle,” so astutely points out, courtship is in a rapidly changing space. Making sure that you do not waste time on someone who is not worth it is essential. Watching as a single woman who will always love her Hallmark movies, I found a lot of what “Ready to Mingle” had to say thought-provoking and humorous.

Rating: 9/10

“Ready to Mingle” (“Solteras”) is currently streaming on Netflix.

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