Verdict: Is 'Capone' Worth Streaming On Amazon Prime Video?

Capone Tom Hardy Al Fonz Capone
Image by Vertical Entertainment
If you have been curious to see “Capone,” yet waited for it to start streaming, the wait is over. At least for Amazon Prime Video subscribers. The Tom Hardy starrer has arrived on the streaming service, and like “Knives Out” before it, the question remains. Is it worth streaming?

First, here are the facts. Tom Hardy is one of the best and most versatile actors currently working and of his generation. That is why I was able to make it through “Capone.” A movie that is wildly hard to follow as it unspools the final year of notorious gangster, Al Capone. Hardy is no stranger to playing those in the criminal underworld.

In one of his greatest roles to-date, Tom Hardy played backwoods outlaw Forrest Bondurant in the highly underrated, “Lawless.” He also gave an alarmingly skilled performance as Tommy in “Warrior.” For “Capone,” Hardy heads back to “Legend” and more pointedly “Bronson,” an inedible viewing experience that paved the way for Hardy’s international transition.

“Capone” is a bit of a stagnate move for Hardy, who has gotten caught up in the comic book mayhem snaring most stars these days. Tom Hardy’s “Revenant” co-star Leonardo DiCaprio is the only one who has somehow escaped. Nevertheless, yours truly was excited to see Hardy take on someone not out of the pages of a graphic novel.

In “Capone,” Tom Hardy plays the ailing Mafioso as he descends into the syphilis-induced madness of his final year on earth. Hardy’s commitment is not the issue. Hardy goes for the jugular in every way imaginable as no personal detail gets spared as Al Capone’s mental and physical health plummet.

He also receives an incredibly winning assist from “Dead to Me” star Linda Cardellini as Al Capone’s devoted wife, and Matt Dillon as a friend of the mobster. The issue is the unflinching detail that “Capone” uses to tell its story. Is it necessary? I think not. “Capone” is a confusing film and not only because its lead character is suffering from a severe bout of it.

It is unclear what the point of the movie is. Is it to showcase a little known facet of Capone’s final days? A shot at the mystique surrounding the mobster? Or perhaps, rally the audience to empathize with Capone’s family? Maybe. Whatever the case, it feels like there is a better angle here, and much like Capone’s all-allusive treasure, the movie cannot find it.

It is a grouse I believe other critics have had. If you are a Tom Hardy super-fan, “Capone” is worth watching. Despite the role’s similarities to Hardy’s past efforts, he gives a wide-ranging turn that kept this viewer intrigued enough to stick with it. A feat that only a handful of actors could pull off when you consider the details.

If you want to stream “Capone” on Amazon Prime Video for any other reason, you may wish to proceed with caution. “Capone” is a niche film. It is in no way commercially constructed for general audiences rather for those coming for a specific reason. For Al Capone aficionados and Tom Hardy fans, it is tough to argue any middle ground.

Rating: 6/10