Is The Jennifer Lopez Starrer 'Marry Me' Worth The Engagement?

Marry Me Katrina Kat Valdez Jennifer Lopez Universal Studios Peacock
Barry Wetcher / Universal Pictures

Jennifer Lopez has headlined some of the most memorable romantic comedies of our time. So, it is with that backdrop expectations for her latest, “Marry Me,” were pretty high. In a sign of its unique spin on a familiar premise, the movie’s concept came as a surprise to those I watched it alongside. They had not seen the trailer.

For that reason, yours truly is going to play a bit coy when it comes to what transpires in the romantic comedy recently released on Peacock. Without spoiling a good surprise, I can say that “Marry Me” stars Jennifer Lopez as Kat Valdez, a world-famous pop star, and Owen Wilson as Charlie, a single dad and math teacher. 

Little do Kat and Charlie know their respective worlds are about to collide. “Marry Me” has all of the ingredients of a feel-good comedy and a deeper examination of fame and celebrity circa 2022 replete with social media galore. In a world and media timeframe that is grappling with how it has treated Britney Spears, it is fair to say Jennifer Lopez also deserves a more refined reflection.

It is arguably no coincidence that Lopez is playing a character so similar to her real-life self in “Marry Me.” Like her portrayer, Kat is successful and lives a very public - personal and professional life - that has become fodder for late-night laughs. What the world does not see is that she is genuinely a sensitive romantic who refuses to give up on love and a down-to-earth celebrity who cares for people, and not because they are fans or sycophants. 

As “Marry Me” demonstrates, a lot goes into creating a celebrity personay. What some may miss is that underneath they tend to be a person with all of the thoughts, doubts, feelings, hopes, and dreams of the person sitting next to you in traffic at the stoplight. Of course, “Marry Me” kicks things up a notch from the real-world as it swings for the fences with a larger-than-life solution to Kat’s romantic puzzle, it fits like a Hallmark movie glove

The chemistry between Jennifer Lopez and Owen Wilson in “Marry Me” is pleasantly surprising. Their interaction has an easy-breezy flow and tender repartee. You would think this is Lopez and Wilson’s fourth or fifth film together instead of their first. As is her trademark, Lopez brings strong charisma and empathy to her role as Kat.

Like Lopez, Owen Wilson is one of those likable actors who never disappoints. His on-screen manner has a way of putting you at ease. Wilson consistently fits the bill regardless of the role (serial killer or friendly ex-boyfriend). It is a gift, and Jennifer Lopez’s terrific performance proves to be yet another present.

There is something about Jennifer Lopez movies. They always hit the spot. Whether she is thrilling viewers with “The Boy Next Door” or falling helplessly in love as “The Wedding Planner,” Lopez consistently finds a vein to entertain her audience. “Marry Me” joins the pantheon as one I will be re-watching for some time to come.

“Marry Me” is currently in theaters and streaming on Peacock. I watched it with Peacock, which I upgraded to the commercial-free level for the Winter Olympics. As someone who prefers their content uninterrupted by ads, I can say it was worth it.