'Honeymoon with My Mother' on Netflix: Review

Honeymoon with My Mother Amor de madre Mother's Love Mari Carmen Carmen Machi José Luis Quim Gutiérrez Netflix

“Honeymoon with My Mother” is the perfect Mother’s Day Netflix movie to remind all adults with good moms to show them more love and respect. The comedy starts on José Luis’ wedding day. As his bride, Theresa nervously starts through the ceremony, a man comes roaring through in his car. 

After receiving a nod of approval from her dad, Theresa runs off with her lover, leaving a bewildered José Luis to pick up the pieces. With the groom left at his wedding without his bride, it is time for him to start putting the shattered pieces of his life together. José Luis (Quim Gutiérrez) cannot bring himself to do it, though. 

Cue José Luis’ Mom, Mari Carmen (the always wonderful Carmen Machi), to initiate the clean-up. Her first order of business is getting a full refund for José Luis and Theresa’s honeymoon. (I could see my Mom doing the same thing.)

Despite Mari Carmen’s best efforts, she cannot get her son a refund. Instead, an enticing alternative emerges. The travel agent suggests José Luis take his Mom on the trip to salvage something positive from the awful circumstances. Thus setting up Netflix’s title for the movie: “Honeymoon with My Mother.”

It takes some convincing for José Luis to see the beauty in the plan. Mari Carmen gets the trip of her dreams, and José Luis can mourn his relationship under the watchful eye of his Mom. It makes perfect sense, and eventually, José Luis agrees to embark on the adventure.

“Honeymoon with My Mother” is another excellent example of Carmen Machi’s uncanny ability to supercharge any and every movie. If you want to see Machi in another gem, check out “The Tribe,” also streaming on Netflix. Like “Honeymoon,” Machi’s character in “The Tribe” also tries to bond with her son.

Let’s face it: Whenever two disparate generations spend time together, you have a winning formula. “Honeymoon with My Mother” utilizes this formula for a hilarious and, at times, poignant look at what happens when adults forget their parents were once people, too. The sub-genre of trips with parents has had several startlingly strong entries.

There was Netflix’s remarkable Kelsey Grammer/Kristen Bell dramedy “Like Father” and Seth Rogan and Barbra Streisand’s surprisingly entertaining team-up with “The Guilt Trip.” Carmen Machi and Quim Gutierezz’s “Honeymoon with My Mother” more than holds its own with all of them.

As an adult kid who has never disconnected from their parents, it is a foreign topic. However, some events and trips have brought us closer together. A change of scenery and all that comes with it cannot be underestimated in helping strengthen a bond. Look no further than last year and my summer trip with My Mom (and Chewy) to see baby otters.

Seize every moment you can with your parents and make it count. Hopefully, you do not have to experience the heartache of getting left at the altar to enjoy a fun trip. After all, Mother’s Day is an annual event, and what is better than taking a physical trip with your Mom? How about watching a movie on Netflix together that appreciates her?