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TV Reviews? You Got It.

Like Jonas on "Dark," take a deep dive into Eclectic Pop's past with an assortment of TV reviews. Click on the pic to travel through the wormhole! *Plus, social media links below* (;


Best Movies Of 2019: 'Polar,' 'The Irishman,' 'Mirage' And More

Thanks to international film, movies had some stellar entries in 2019. “Polar,” “The Irishman,” and “Mirage” all earned a spot among the year's best. Where did they rank? Before digging into each of them, here is a bit of a primer. Two entries star outstanding thespian Mads Mikkelsen. Four out…

Best TV Of 2019: 'Yellowstone,' 'Money Heist,' 'You' And More

The power of TV kept burning bright in 2019 with the follow-up installments of “Yellowstone,” “Money Heist,” and “You.” They were not alone as “Game of Thrones” returned for its final bow. In a year that witnessed television continue to soar, new shows readied to take the lead. Thus, continuing a …