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What Are The Best Britney Spears Songs? This YouTube Playlist Weighs In

Britney Spears has had so many hit songs that it is hard to declare which is her best one. Few artists can boast two great songs, let alone one. For Britney Spears, hits have come repeatedly. During the 2000s, Spears led the top of a competitive pack of pop singing sensations thanks to her one-of-a…

Let's Discuss: Britney Spears And 'Crossroads' As An Underrated Gem

Britney Spears is at a “Crossroads” again. Once more, all eyes are perched in the direction of Spears, a woman who has been in the public eye since she broke into the big time with her debut (debut!) single “...Baby One More Time” at the age of 16. The year was 1999, and Spears had a two-year runni…