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Why The 'Frozen 2' Ending Shocked And Saddened Me, Explained

I did it! I finally watched “Frozen 2,” and the ending was not what I expected. The sequel to the pop culture phenomenon got released late last year in November 2020. Fast forward nearly a year later, and yours truly finally got to see it (and its ending) in all of its shocking glory. It has not be…

Does 'Frozen' Set Sisters Up For Real-Life Disappointment?

Frozen 2 Anna Elsa Disney
The release of “Frozen 2” has yours truly wondering about whether the Disney franchise is setting sisters up for real-life disappointment. Why? It is no secret that “Frozen” revolves around the relationship of sisters, Elsa and Anna.

Top 30 Romantic Songs From Movies + TV

Promo poster art for Ron Howard's 1992 film 'Far and Away' starring Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman
Soundtracks have long been a bastion of romantic songs. Can you imagine your favorite screen romance, without the perfect song playing in the background? A score is the quintessential ingredient to creating the sweeping ambiance that catapults an on-screen love story to the next level. So when it came to compiling a list of the best romantic songs from movies, and TV, the choices felt obvious.

Movie Review: 'Into the Woods' (2014)

Journeying to a dark place of magic, characters find something tragic. A Baker and his wife try to end their childless strife. Cinderella avoids her pompous fellow, as disastrous glitches plague a witch’s sinister wishes. Now that we have the rhyming portion of this review out of the way, it’s time…

Casting Brainstorm: 'Beauty and the Beast'

As many of you know there has been some hotly debated casting recently, as there always is in Hollywood. Who will get what role and whether they are even up for grabs in the first place makes for interesting fodder. In this new feature titled Casting Brainstorm, Eclectic Pop offers some suggestions/wishful casting selections for upcoming roles.

Movie Review: 'Maleficent' (2014)

A visual stunner, Disney’s “Maleficent” offers a swirl of vivid cinematography, dazzling performances and winsome storytelling. Centering on the backstory of Maleficent (Angelina Jolie), the iconic villainess of the Sleeping Beauty fairytale, this re-imagining not only breaks new ground, it breathes new life into the original.

Movie Review: 'Frozen' (2013)

Frozen Elsa Anna Disney
Disney's smash-hit animation is a trek back to feminine fantasy with an adult-oriented twist that captures several metaphors in a powerfully playful way. “Frozen” is a rift off of Hans Christian Andersons’ classic “The Snow Queen,” where the only remaining strand resembling Anderson’s original story is the inclusion of magical trolls and of course, an ice-blasting royal.

Movie Review: 'Saving Mr. Banks' (2013)

"Saving Mr. Banks" is the quasi-biopic of P.L. Travers’ (Emma Thompson) life and Walt Disney’s (Tom Hanks) battle with her to make the film adaptation of her classic book “Mary Poppins.” As a film, it suffers from a flurry of scattershot attempts to weave a narrative that explains Traver…