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'Dead Mountain' Ending Interview: Co-Creators Dig Into Dyatlov Pass

When you have reached the ending of “Dead Mountain,” you will have an answer about what the Russian series contends happened during the Dyatlov Pass Incident. In an exclusive interview with Eclectic Pop, the co-creators of the miniseries, Valeriy Federovich, Pavel Kostomarov, and Evgeniy Nikishov, …

'Vikings' Season 6: Alex Hogh Andersen On Ivar's Ending And More

When Alex Hogh Andersen made his “Vikings” debut, his character had already been around for two seasons. Introduced at the midpoint of the series’ fourth season, Andersen had to conjure Ivar the Boneless as a fully formed man. The product of a time-jump that saw Ragnar’s sons with Aslaug finally jo…

'Vikings' Ending: You Have Questions, The Creator Has Answers

So, you have finished watching “Vikings” on Amazon Prime Video and you still have a lot of questions. Who better to answer them than series creator Michael Hirst? Exactly. The series’ final episodes reveal the ending of multiple arcs, including the person who wound up ruling Kattegat.Below you will…

'Vikings' Interview: Alexander Ludwig On Bjorn's Season 6B Fate

It is tough to believe that Alexander Ludwig has not been on “Vikings” since the beginning. His take on Ragnar Lothbrok’s eldest son has been that indelible. Ludwig took over the role of Bjorn Ironside in Season 2 when the character aged, and viewers caught back up with him and his mother, Lagertha…

Rudy Ramos Talks 'Yellowstone' And His One-Man Show 'Geronimo'

Actor Rudy Ramos has contributed one of the most crucial threads to the emotional fabric of “Yellowstone,” the hit Western that is rapidly becoming a phenomenon. In the series, Ramos portrays Monica Dutton’s grandfather, Felix Long, who had to take on raising his granddaughter and grandson under un…

Q&A: Actress Geraldine Hakewill Dishes 'Ms Fisher's Modern Murder Mysteries'

Actress Geraldine Hakewill is familiar to fans of the thrilling Australian drama, “Wanted.” On the series, Hakewill gives an incredible performance as the endearing, Chelsea Babbage. In a new television show, Hakewill is taking on an entirely different set of adventures as the star of “Ms Fisher’s…

Interview: CoAnn

While it feels like yesterday, it has been 5 years since Eclectic Pop first spoke to Courtney Randall. In the time since then, a lot has changed for the up-and-coming singer-songwriter. Now going by CoAnn, her self-titled EP has debuted today (August 10). In time with its release, CoAnn has discussed her EP, artistic process, and new stage name, among other things, for her interview with Eclectic Pop.

The Complete #RKC LaTwitterview

As promised, here is the complete transcript of #RKC's LaTwitterview with @EclecticPop from last Friday (April 8), courtesy of Storify. I would like to once again thank #RKC (@RadioKC) for inviting me to do this incredibly fun interview. As it was last time, the experience was a fantastic whirlwind with questions that were invigoratingly thought provoking. I just hope I did them all justice.

Interview with Boardwalk Isabella

Boardwalk Isabella is Eclectic Pop’s latest Spotlight Artist (click to read). In this interview, their frontman James C Hughes gives insight into the sounds and era that influenced the band’s debut album “Headed for the Promised Land”, what to expect on said album, and the fun story of how the band’s memorable name, came into being.

Interview with Doodah Farm

Doodah Farm is the rambunctious band, behind such boisterous tunes as “Round the Clock” and “Twenty 1”. In this interview they discuss what inspires them, some of their goals, and give some background on how the band came together.

Interview with Nina Yasmineh

Nina Yasmineh is the talented musician behind the intrinsic pathos that compose the EP ‘Seven  Years’. In this interview; she offers some insight into the meaning behind her music, her sound and her musical journey as an artist.

Interview with Courtney Randall

Eclectic Pop had the pleasure of interviewing the super talented, Courtney Randall, a rising singer/songwriter, who is beginning her venture into music. She is featured as one of this week's Spotlight Artist. Here she discusses her musical goals and wide-array of musical inspirations, taking you behind the scenes of her musical process.