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TV Review: 'Money Heist' Season 4 Struggles To Strike It Rich

“Money Heist” (“La Casa De Papal”) recently returned for Season 4 (Part 4) on Netflix, and the result is somewhere between addictive and bewildering. There is no doubt it, an eight-episode season serves the series well. It has a nice flow and clip to it. Unlike the first two installments, “Money H…

TV Review: 'My Holo Love' Offers Modern Love Story For AI Era

What is romantic love? It is something that I have thought an awful lot about, and my current answer is that it is a mix of things: hormones, emotion, and thought. “My Holo Love” (“Na Hollo Geudae”) breaks down that central question while posing a few of its own for an AI romance that leaves no st…

TV Review: Why You Should Start 'Playing With Fire' On Netflix

In the case of watching the sizzling Netflix drama, “Playing with Fire” (“Jugar Con Fuego”) is a good thing. Despite what its title suggests, there is nothing too visually overt about its steamy storyline. At first glance, a tale about blatant lust, the series features nuanced edges about what it …

TV Review: 'Dark' Season 2 Keeps Netflix Series Shining Brilliantly Bright

Do not worry. Season 2 spoilers are not discussed in this review. In many ways, “Dark” is impossible to spoil due to the fact it is so elaborate. The labyrinth of past, present, and future timelines combines in a way that is tough to describe in straightforward terms.
To its credit, the second sea…

Let's Discuss 'Medici' Season 1 vs. Season 2

Medici Masters of Florence Contessina de Medici Annabel Scholey Cosimo de Medici Richard Madden
If you need a breakdown between the first and second installments of “Medici," you have come to the right feature. Both seasons of the dazzling costume drama are terrific, in their own way. To better appreciate how; let's explore the ways “Masters of Florence” and “The Magnificent” differ from and resemble each other, especially when it comes to its protagonists.