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Is 'In For A Murder' Worth Heading Into Netflix For? The Verdict

A murder mystery in a quaint small town in Poland is the backbone for an engrossing Netflix original film. “In For A Murder” follows Magda, a stay-at-home mom of two, who is married to a loathsome, unfaithful bully of a husband. Haunted by the disappearance of her childhood friend when the duo was …

TV Review: 'Signs' Season 1 Serves Up Small Town Mysteries

A small town, a cult leader, a new police chief, and a lot of old mysteries. You may have heard of those elements before, albeit doubtlessly in the same show at once. Welcome to Netflix’s “Signs” (“Znaki”). It opens up with a shocking scene before launching into the present day. In it, the past re…

TV Review: Harlan Coben's 'The Woods' Is Sturdy Netflix Mystery

Who knew summer camp could be so secretive and murderous? Okay, a lot of teen slasher flicks have capitalized on the notion. However, Harlan Coben’s “The Woods” offers a more taught and psychologically wound narrative around such clichés. The Netflix adaptation traverses two timelines as it brings …