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Quick Hit Movie Reviews #12: 'Bleed For This,' 'The Founder,' & 'Gold'

The movie posters for the 2016 films 'Gold', 'Bleed for This' and 'The Founder'
What do the 2016 films; “The Founder,” “Gold,” and “Bleed for This” share in common? Each movie is centered on a protagonist taking a bold shot at glory. Two of the three movies turn their lens towards real larger-than-life characters, while another offers a fictionalized account of true events.

Under the golden arches of McDonald’s, Ray Kroc finds his last great hope for financial success in “The Founder.” In the dramedy “Gold” a fictionalized character spends his last dime on the wild dream he can strike gold. While boxer Vinny Pazienza deals with the life-altering risks of staging a comeback to the ring, taking the chance his attempt could be his first and last.

Three men aim for glory, which movies deliver it to them? Eclectic Pop weighs in…

Quick Hit Movie Reviews #11: 'Headshot,' 'Contratiempo' & More

Need to know what the best movies streaming on Netflix Instant are? If your answer is "yes" and you want those answers quickly, you have come to the right spot.

Eclectic Pop is here to help you sift through the streamer’s vast catalog with concise reviews of five movies available on the popular service throughout August 2017. Without further ado, let’s jump in…

Quick Hit Movie Reviews #10: 'What If' & 'A Man Called Ove'

International movie poster for the 2013 film 'What If' starring Daniel Radcliffe and Zoe Kazan
In the #10 edition of quick hit movie reviews, Eclectic Pop takes a slightly more expanded look at two marvelous movies. The first is an indie from 2013 and the second is an Oscar nominated Swedish-language dramedy. Both are quality films that tackle separately familiar premises with a unique voice.

“What If” and “A Man Called Ove” intricately combine comedy with drama and romance with reality, which is no easy feat. This is how they did it…

Quick Hit Movie Reviews #9: '10 Cloverfield Lane' & More...

In the #9 edition of the Quick Hit Movie Reviews feature, Eclectic Pop reviews three very different films. This strange range of movie reviews might seem as far disconnected as you can imagine. However, if you consider that each movie is about how a single person changes the course of the lead character’s life, an odd connection develops between them. 

In “10 Cloverfield Lane,” a young woman’s reality is questioned by a stranger who claims he has saved her from the apocalypse. In “The Family Fang,” a pair of siblings reluctantly reunite with their eccentric parents, who go missing shortly thereafter.

Quick Hit Movie Reviews #8: 'The Accountant,' 'Shut In,' & 'Jason Bourne'

Eclectic Pop - Quick Hit Movie Reviews - The Accountant, Shut In, Jason Bourne
In the #8 edition of the Quick Hit Movie Reviews feature, Eclectic Pop reviews three 2016 thrillers. Learn how the Ben Affleck starrer “The Accountant” adds up, whether Naomi Watts’ “Shut In” is worth shutting on, and if Matt Damon’s return in "Jason Bourne" has resuscitated the Bourne franchise.

Quick Hit Movie Reviews #7: Comic Book Movie Edition: 'Batman v Superman' & 'Deadpool'

Eclectic Pop offers a bite size rendition of its reviews for two of 2016’s most talked about comic book movies: Director Zac Snyder’s superhero showdown; “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice” and Tim Miller’s cheeky “Deadpool”.

The first movie features two of DC’s most famous heroes duking it out in a war of misunderstanding in "Batman v Superman." While Marvel kicked things up a naughty notch with its latest foray into the R-rated with the Ryan Reynolds starrer, "Deadpool."

Remember that if you would like to read about each movie further, simply click on the designated link to read the full review. *Originally posted in correspondence to the theatrical release of "Suicide Squad."

Quick Hit Movie Reviews #6: 'The Face of an Angel,' 'Nightcrawler' & 'Honeymoon'

Eclectic Pop plunges into the shadows of the night for these 3 atmospheric thrillers. In the firstly covered film; director Michael Winterbottom veers into true crime territory with the drama, "The Face of an Angel" which stars Daniel Bruhl as a brooding director researching a film and Kate Beckinsale as the emotionally ruthless reporter, who guides him through the media circus surrounding the high-profile events he is trying to unearth.

As with the third film in this compilation ("Honeymoon"), "The Face of an Angel" tells a story shrouded in quiet mystery and steely intrigue without giving viewers too much action as it unravels. At play in all 3 movies, is a mystery that tears each of its central characters apart.

Quick Hit Movie Reviews #5: 'Gone Girl', 'The Loft' And 'The Boy Next Door'

The Quick Hit Movie Review feature is back! Eclectic Pop has parsed the crucial parts of each title's full-length movie review for your brief reading pleasure. If you would like to read further, simply click on the designated link. Kicking off the feature's return are 3 thrillers that share one distinct story thread; infidelity.

'Gone Girl', 'The Loft' and 'The Boy Next Door' all feature characters suffering the consequences for their wandering eye and it is because of that congruent theme they were paired together. Of interesting note is that the first two titles feature no redemptive characters as their protagonists, while 'The Boy Next Door' offers a much more sympathetic lead character at its epicenter. The answer to which movie earned the highest rating might surprise you...

Quick Hit Movie Reviews #4: 'Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit,' 'The Protector 2,' 'Rage' & 'Open Grave'

"Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit" (2014)

Chris Pine takes on the title role of Jack Ryan in this poorly formulated action-thriller. From one ludicrous action sequence to the next, plausibility is thrown out the window as Jack performs one hard to believe rescue after another. In the minor role of Jack’s loving paramour is Keira Knightley, who is wasted in a cliché jaded girlfriend arc, looking in from the outside on Jack’s professional travails.

Quick Hit Movie Reviews #3: 'The Food Guide to Love' (2013) And 'Some Girl(s)' (2013)

"The Food Guide to Love" (2013)  

Quality romantic comedies are hard to come by these days, an extinct breed of filmmaking that has been disparaged to the point that few are even produced. Once the crème de la crème of 90’s cinema; the low budget charm of a genre that actually focuses on relationships devoid of crude shenanigans and characters worth caring about, has steadily diminished.

“The Food Guide to Love” provides hope that not all is lost in the arena of adult comedy. Richard Coyle stars as Oliver, a food critic, and lothario who has merged his two great passions together. Using food as a metaphor for love and relationships, he has found success as an author. His world of playboy frivolity is halted when he meets the free-spirited Bibiana (Leonor Watling).

Quick Hit Movie Reviews #1: 'The First Time' (2012) and 'The Look of Love' (2013)

"The First Time" (2012)

A teen flick that never quite realizes its full potential. “The First Time” is bogged down by an awkward timeline which spans a very long night that bonds high school seniors Dave (Dylan O’Brien) and Aubrey (Britt Robertson). The story then continues through the following week as the two try to decide if a relationship is in the cards for them, despite a looming life change as they leave high school and proximity behind.

A stellar performance by “Teen Wolf” star Dylan O’Brien keeps the film engaging. While, co-star Britt Robertson struggles to capture the same winsome as she portrays yet another bratty character. Another in a long line, “Under the Dome”, “Life Unexpected”, “Cherry” and “The Tenth Circle” being among the others.