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Retro Movie Review: 'Stir of Echos' (1999)

When a man’s (Kevin Bacon) sister-in-law (Illeana Douglas) hypnotizes him at a party, it kick starts a series of strange events, and an even darker mystery. Besieged by terrifying visions of a young woman from that point on; Tom's desperate efforts to make them stop takes an unraveling toll on his life.

While figuring out why he has the ability to conjure these visions in the first place is an equally fascinating and vital aspect to the movie’s plot. Paranormal and eerie in overall tone, 1999's "Stir of Echoes" taps into the supernatural by keeping it based in a hyper reality.

Retro Movie Review: 'Wicker Park' (2004)

When “Wicker Park” was released, the trailers had hinted it was a taut sexual thriller, in the vein of Adrian Lyne's wheelhouse. Well, this was not that kind of movie and to be fair, it could not compete on that level, given its PG-13 rating. All of the provocative illusions are actually nothing.

This would be better described as an indie romance; it’s not erotic in the least bit. It’s not a thriller either. It’s a romantic drama that treads on the loose strings of a Romeo and Juliet-type miscommunication.

Retro Movie Review: 'Splice' (2009)

For years I’ve been meaning to see this movie, and after several attempts, the goal was finally accomplished recently. The lack of ambition to actually see the critically adored and audience raved indie “Splice” for all of these years can now be seen, in retrospect, as being a possible instinctive defense mechanism to avoid the totality of its awfulness.